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WebRiva on Android
No, it's that the IV engine processes gestures. They aren't being handled on the client at all. They are passed to the server which does the processing. The RIVA clients are very thin clients that just do graphics rendering and take user input and pass it on to the server.

This makes things complicated because gestures in general are complicated. They can change after they start and it's hard to tell sometimes if what you think is happening is what is going to ultimately happen. So we'll have to find some way to tease out those gestures that the server needs to see and then process the others locally, or pass them on to the local OS for processing. That just needs the time to dig and figure it out (and that inevitable platform variations.)

As to the other stuff you mention there, that wouldn't do you any good. Well, if you wanted to create an HTML menu just to do things locally there on the machine that were nothing to do with the IV, you could do that I guess. But if you wanted a menu to do IV related things that wouldn't be doable. All that happens on the server driven by the usual IV oriented mechanisms. There's always some compromise. If we did a completely native JS/HTML client it would have lots of compromises as well, just different ones.

What specially there are you trying to do?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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