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Official 5.4 Beta Release Thread
  • The Sonos ZonePlayer docs have the wrong info for the backdoor command to query the favorites list, and it should have an example as well to make things easier.
  • The Sonos Zone Player lost grouping ability when the Device Properties service stopped working, because we can't get the device id anymore. However, AFAIK, I think it's the same id that's given to the driver by the user during init (to find that particualr unit.) If so, then we can set the DevId field from that, so let's try it.
  • Implement support for being notified upon any change to the files or sub-dirs of a directory. This will be required for some future functionality. Still need to test it out.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
  • My first attempt at implementing directory change monitoring was very wrong, because I didn't realize that the call is blocking, i.e. doesn't return until something shows up. That requires a very different approach with an internal thread that is always blocked waiting for changes, and I/O cancellation to stop it for shutdown. So I created a simple mixin that does the internal processing and calls some virtuals to report changes and problems.
  • Re-implement the original queue-for-later and publish vis pub/sub directory change monitoring classes in terms of the new mixing. But the mixin scheme means other things can directly process such changes without an intermediary if they want to and it makes things easier.
  • Add support to the new Z-Wave driver for th Aeotec Nano-Dimmer (ZW111-A.)
  • Add support to the new Z-Wave driver for the Aeotec Wall Mote Quad (ZW130). Very much done by eye, so could be wrong, we need to see how it goes. It will send out user action triggers on button events.
  • There is a slight bug in the AAC metadata tag extraction code, which would make it always miss the first tag under the ilst main metadata parent tag.
  • We need to add support in the code that gathers device info dumps in the new Z-Wave driver so that it will gather multi-channel end point info for multi-channel devices. There isn't any now since (despite MC being the correct way to handle multi-sensor type things) hardly anything actually used it. Since many manufacturers don't bother to even document the end points we need to figure that out for ourselves.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
  • The Aoetec Nano Dimmer just added isn't exposing V2 fields, because I copied its device info file from another one and forgot to remove some stuff. Anyone who had already has any of these recognized should use the unit drop down menu to force them to re-scan and pick up these changes.
  • Take a whack at adding support to the new Z-Wave driver for the Fibary FGMS-001 multi-sensor. It appears to use the same (bad) scheme as the Aeotec ones, so let's try to use the same handler and see if it works.
  • We did a rough by eye implementation of Z-Wave thermostat support, but never actually got to test it out. So got a GoControl (really Linear) GC-TBZ48 thermostat and worked out the issues, and it seems to be working, so that one is supported and we should be able to add other standard thermostats fairly easily moving forward now.
  • Add some thermo specific info to the device info dump files. We need to get the supported modes and fan modes since those things are never usually documented.
  • One of the standard utility dialog boxes that shows a list of values doesn't have the appropriate resizing anchors on the controls. So you can resize the dialog but the contents doesn't adjust. It was noticed on the V2 driver validation results dialog, but would affect anything that uses that helper dialog.
  • Implement bi-directional latching field change triggers, i.e. trigger if the expression goes from true to false or from false to true. So now we have unlatched, unidirectional, and bidirectional latching options.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
  • The device info for the new Fibaro multi-sensor added in the last drop isn't quite right. I thought we were configuring it for basic reports for motion, but that's for association group 2. For group 1 it sends notification CC msgs, so update to watch for those.
  • When a unit gets to NoAutoMatch, too much info gets reset, including the supporting CCs that we got during the initial scan of the Z-Stick. The same can happen on a forced rescan request. That causes config/association options to be disabled in the client interface in the per-unit drop down menu because it thinks the unit doesn't support those CCs. It won't necessarily fix units that are already thusly whacked, it may take a replication to do that.
  • I guess the Fibaro FGMS-001 doesn't ever send battery notifications, so I've changed the battery CC to be 'read only wakeup' so that it'll try to read the value when it gets wakeups from the device. Let's see if that works. If you already have one set up you'll need to force a reconfig to pick up this new configuration info.
  • We had a 'stop' command in the connection code of the UPnP media renderer driver (of which Sonos is one instance of that) just as a safety measure to get the devices into a known state. But that causes any playing content to stop if the driver or CQC is cycled, so remove it and see if that's still going to work out ok without being so annoying.
  • There are various issues in the auto-gen if you don't have any weather configured.
  • And the recent change to have variable numbers of weather forecast days, driven by the number reported by the driver itself, caused us to access weather info even if it wasn't configured for a given room.
  • Clicking the X on the IV's action trace will shut down the program since it is a top level window and is not preventing the default action. It should just destroy itself.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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