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WebRIVA disconnect issue
(05-08-2018, 07:21 PM)dlmorgan999 Wrote: I did some testing tonight and got some interesting results.  I tested a 5 minute off and then a 4 minute off.  In both of those cases, when I woke the iPad back up, the CQC web page reset to the white connecting screen and then was fine again.  As far as I remember this is the first time I've seen this behavior, but I usually have it off for much longer.

Then I did some tests in the 10 minute and 20 minute range, and in both of those cases the web page was hung and I had to close / restart the page.

Also I did have lock enabled, but I disabled it and it didn't seem to make a difference.
Can you check on your iPads in Settings -> General -> "Background refresh" to see if it turned on?

Can you try this browser? with the "Background app refresh turned on"?

and try:
Chrome (with background refresh turned on) seems to keep CQC up in the background better than Safari.

To save battery(and because apple wants to control the user experience) Safari always goes to sleep when screen is off or when put in background.
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It may happen quite quickly, enough so that it's not really visible, since the program is already loaded at that point. But if it wasn't on the main template and goes back there, somewhere along the line it lost the connection. It may of course have already automatically logged back in as well, in the background, so it's just waiting for a redraw when it comes back to full life.
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