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Lutron HVAC On CQC
Well after a failed attempt to get my Aprilaire TStats running this weekend I am thinking about changing to Lutron’s RadioRa 2 HVAC Controler.  I have three units and the controlers will live in my equipment rack upstairs. 

After talking to Lutron I think the Aprilaire flushmount temp sensors that I already have installed may work with the Lutron system.  If not I can add the remote temp sensors later. 

I also like how small the Seetemp wall control is.  I could get a double gang box for it and a pico remote that I have for the shades and it should cover up the holes where the old Tstats are now. 

I already have the Main Repeater from upgrading my shades last year.

The shades and a couple of lights are working fine on CQC.  Any issues or quirks running their TStats on CQC?

Anybody already using them.  Like / dislike?
RA2 is very solid, so probably it's a safe bet. But I don't know absolutely for sure if anyone is using the RA2 thermos.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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