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New Z-Wave driver preview
The thing is, it seems to be reacting to all of the units. But the first time you run the client interface after loading the driver the client interface won't know about all of the units. It can't know that until you do the first replication. So it seems like it would have to be at least after you have done a replication.

BTW, I was doing some thinking last night, when I should have been sleeping. When the driver hands off an outgoing msg to the Z-Stick, there are two scenarios. It can just wait for the Z-Stick to acknowledge that it has queued the msg, or it can wait for the Z-Stick to announce that it has actually transmitted the msg.

My strategy, for maximum speed and overlap has been to do the former for queries and the latter for outgoing commands. For queries, we don't wait around for the result. We send it, and at some point it either sends the response or it doesn't and we time out and try again (if that's appropriate.) So there's no real need to wait around for it to be transmitted. As long as we know it's queued to be sent its fine.

But, I got to wondering that maybe I'm overrunning the Z-Sticks buffer on your systems because you have more units than me, and likely its straining a bit more to get then transmitted so there may be more re-tries which allows more time for other queries to be queued up.

So I think, as a sanity check, I should try sending all msgs in the wait for actual transmission style. That way we know we aren't going to overcook the Z-Stick. It'll be a bit slower, but safer. If it makes absolutely no difference, I can go back again easily enough. If it makes it a lot better, I'll keep that and just get rid of the option so that that decision doesn't even have to be made by the code.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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