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Move to Elk V2
Looking at a move to Elk V2 driver.  

Do I have to add all these counter, output, thermostat, upb etc fields manually, one at a time?  

I tried to activate the Client interface on the V1 driver.  Says the latest driver manifest could not be downloaded.  If I remember correctly, I,m running on a wuench version of the driver.  It supported some functionality the standard V1 did not.  Is the manifest for that driver around?

I see on the V1 driver, at least you could click on the items to add them. No similar option on V2.
Is the any documentation for the V1 driver? Your new doc help section seems to only know about V2. I'm looking exploring moving to a standard V1 driver, but after generating one, I see that counters are not generated automatically, and there seems to be nowhere in the client interface to define counters.
Here is the driver docs page for the V2 Elk driver:

You do have to add them. You always really had to add them, in that you had to enable and configure each one you wanted to use. There are now more configuration options, so you just add the ones you want.

Various bits of functionality were added over time to the V2 one. I'm not sure it did all of the things the modified one did, but some of that stuff was brought over.

The counters are generated, but you were given a chance to indicate how many you wanted when you installed the driver. If you didn't set that, you won't see any. Do a reconfig on the driver and indicate how many counters you want. You can also enable custom values there.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I need vi driver. found v2
Whats missing from V2 driver is the ability in the client interface to just click on the options you want to add. With V2, you have to type in each one you want, it's name and the corresponding Elk ID name. I have about 400 items I'd have to key in. Can't you add the missing functionality from the V1 client to the V2 client? Otherwise, its not doable.

My current driver is the Elk/M1-IP(DEV). If I try and reconfig, I get No driver manifest info could be found for this make/model.

The difference is that you can now name things and there are other configuration options. That's why you have to enter them. Before it was just double click on them to configure, but you couldn't assign them names. And for V2 you also have to indicate if you triggers to be sent for things as well, so there's just configurable options. But the ability to name things is the big thing. It is more work, but the benefits are really significant, since you don't have to remember what light 020 is and all that.

On your current one is sounds like either the manifest is very old and has some issue in it that makes it not parsable anymore, so it doesn't get loaded, or it's gotten lost. If you go to:


do you see a manifest in there for that driver? If so, send it to me so I can see if there's something wrong with it. If not in there, it got lost at some point somehow, and you'll have to find the original driver pack and import it.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I may have been the last to update the Elk V1 Dev driver.  (4yrs ago).  I'm still using it though, so still working.  I think Dean fixed the log/phys reversal problem of the first driver, so changing to V2 would me massive rewrite for me.

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