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Certficates and WebRIVA
I have been using WebRIVA locally inside of firewall, and finally decided to venture out and use it outside, which has brought up some ignorance / concerns using secure connections.

So I have a certificate for my domain, and have been using that for Echo, and all seems to be fine.  I have used WebRIVA locally using only a 192.168. address and that works fine as well.   However, now I have implemented the same certificate I use with Echo by installing on phone, all is good and can get to the IV.  As a check I decided to type in the same web address with a computer that I didn't install the certificate on (on all my setups I am using https and a different port than default), and it let me in.   

Is that by design?  I thought the certificate would prevent web access, or maybe I need to adjust the certificate.
Certificates are not there to prevent access. They are there to encrypt communications. They also (when one is installed on the server) allow the client to know he is connecting to the server he thinks he is.

You can also, though it's usually not done, install a 'reverse' type certificate on the client and have the server also do a verification of that certificate. But, since it's just a file on the computer and therefore would work just fine for anyone who stole the computer, it's not much worth doing.

The username/password is the protection part in this case. The certificate on the server and using HTTPS to connect to the server ensures that all communications is encrypted, including the username/password, so that no one can see it being passed.

I need to provide an option, if username/password isn't in the URL, to do a popup to get that info. That way you can have the option of not hard coding it into a URL that you then save as a quick link type thingie on the phone.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Okay, that makes sense.  Your suggestion on prompting for user name/password might be a good idea.  I still haven't been able to use the Android Chrome on my phone and add a home screen of the WebRIVA.  The last I saw, it was related to it truncating the user name and password.  This might allow it to work, although you will still have to enter in User ID and pw.
There is a browser for Android called Fullscreen browser ( that I have had success with. Little tricky at first with setup but once you get eh homescreen entered in it opens up CQC full screen the way you want it to.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Did you have to do something to the ratio setting?  When I launch the Fullscreen browser it comes up super huge and I can only see a portion of the screen.   

I also tried Fully Kiosk Browser and it works really well but is licensed. I'm running in eval mode right now.  This one is really interesting in that you can set up a true browser based kiosk on an Android tablet and completely lock it down.
The phone generally scales stuff up, often 2:1. There is a URL option to try to prevent that, but it may or may not work. Because of the high resolution and small size of some phones and tablets, it's sometimes best to just design it at half size and let it be scaled. Then you get something where all of the elements are not too small to read or high with your finger reliably.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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