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Really Simple Music Player
As I am snowed in – yes it does snow in Italy – I have been finishing off my new Really Simple Music Player. This inspired by a recent long haul flight on Air New Zeeland where I had 8 hours to sleep and listen to music. My existing system was integrated with the whole house display, so I needed a lot of menus and clicks to do anything. This player has just one home template with an overlay area for either an AlbumSelector or NowPlaying templates. Most of the interaction should be fairly obvious from the images.

The AlbumSelector has a genre browser and and a cover art browser which picks up a CAB layout. As I have a lot of high definition music, it displays the bit depth and rate on each album image. The Play button switches between playing an album directly or adding it to the playlist.

The NowPlaying page has the usual information on the album playing together with an Advanced Media Item Browser to show the current track information and the normal transport controls. The Normal button on the right switches between normal playback order of shuffle. On the right is another small CAB which shows four random albums that I can play of queue. Useful when you have forgotten a lot of the music you have.

The Back button goes back to the AlbumSelector, while leaving the music playing. Pressing the Play on the top rather than selecting an album takes you back to where you were.

There are two drivers, a JRivers media repository and a fooBar media renderer so that I can play high resolution music rips. Both are referenced by GVar's on the home template so it should be simple to change to your own player names.

1 March 2018: In this initial version, I cannot get the images to work in the Genre Browser. I have set up an image for the Focused genre, but it does not display. So I have to set the browser transparent and have a set of binary images underneath. It works until you scroll the browser, then it gets all lost. I will post a fix if there is one.

Attached Files
.jpg   AlbumSelector.jpg (Size: 204.5 KB / Downloads: 21)
.jpg   NowPlaying.jpg (Size: 212.4 KB / Downloads: 17)
.cqctmplpack   AlbumSelect.CQCTmplPack (Size: 3.71 KB / Downloads: 2)
.cqctmplpack   NowPlaying.CQCTmplPack (Size: 3.01 KB / Downloads: 2)
.cqctmplpack   Home.CQCTmplPack (Size: 2.37 KB / Downloads: 1)
Remaining template packs

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.cqctmplpack   CABLayout.CQCTmplPack (Size: 1.69 KB / Downloads: 4)
.cqctmplpack   CABLayoutBlack.CQCTmplPack (Size: 1.7 KB / Downloads: 1)
.cqctmplpack   NowPlayingItem.CQCTmplPack (Size: 1.67 KB / Downloads: 1)
Nice work! On the Album and Now Playing jpgs on the album covers there are numbers in the upper corner, what do they represent?
The top left is the bit resolution of the file, 16bits for CD and 24bits for higher res stuff.  The number on the right is the sample rate. 44khz  for CD, 48Kz  for some Blue-ray rips and 96Kh or 192Khz for high resolution audio files.  So a normal CD is 16/44, the best high res track is 24/192.

If you have a serious audiophile system, then 24/192 is eye opening.

Got it, thought it was something like that. I wish I still had the hearing for a serious audiophile system. I'm enjoying what I can with the hearing I have left, updated my home theater to be Dolby Atmos capable (have a 9.2 speaker configuration installed) and that has transformed the home movie experience.

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