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Onkyo receiver volume issue
Up until yesterday, I was using an Onkyo TX-SR707.  Although not on the list in the driver, selecting the TX-SR706 worked just fine.

Yesterday I installed a new receiver (one that supports 4K, which I needed after I upgraded to a 4K TV - these things always seem to snowball  Tongue ).  I figured it would be a drop-in upgrade, as the new receiver is a TX-NR757 which is very similar to mine but a newer vintage.

Power, mute, source selection, and volume control all work  The issue is that the driver is displaying values for volume level that are half of what they should be.  So for example, if the receiver is set to 50, CQC is showing 100.  If I raise the volume further using the remote control, CQC stays at 100.

I took a brief look at the driver source code but didn't see anything obvious.  Any suggestions or ideas?
I'm assuming that this device is reporting volumes in 1dB units whereas the driver is expecting 2dB units? That's the only thing I could think of that would do that. Some devices have done that in the past, not sure about the Onkyos, but they would only report 2dB increments, so the driver would double the value to get the actual dB value and then calculate percentage. Looking at the Integra driver, some of the models show a volume range of 100 and some of 80, maybe this one is 50 or something.

Can you hook it up to a console program and run the volume up and down all the way and see what it shows?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The receiver (at least on the front display) goes from 0 - 100 in .5db increments, but the previous receiver also did that, and worked just fine.

As you pointed out, the real question is what is it reporting out the serial so yeah - hooking up a console was one of the next things I was going to do. I won't be able to get to it until tonight or tomorrow - I'll let you know what I find.
The new receiver is reporting volume from 0 - 200 (apparently .5dB units). Now I just need to see if I can figure out what I would need to do to the driver to make it work properly.
There are slots in there where you can indicate specific models and set things like the volume range. I can help you some tomorrow if you need.

That one really needs to be re-done in terms of a base driver class and per-model derived classes, to make it cleaner to support new models without worrying about disrupting something else.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok - thanks Dean. I'll check it out. But now I have a bigger issue. As I was working on getting the new TV working (also RS-232), the receiver driver stopped working. It's stuck at "Wait For Comm Resource". I did a pause and resume, I restarted the shell service, and I rebooted the server, but it's still not working. I also tried changing it to a different COM port and back again.

One curious thing to note is that I can connect to the COM port just fine using putty, and the receiver is sending data. I don't know why CQC seems to think something else is using the COM port. Any advice?
It appears to be something different about the new receiver, although it's odd that it was working fine before.  I found this repeatedly in the logs, after I turned up Verbosity for the driver:

02/16 22:13:42-CQC-MASTER, CQCServer, CQCDrv_FamRcvrThread33
   CQCGenDrvS, MEng.System.CQC.Drivers.Integra.Receiver.DriverImpl.3805, Status/App Status
   Integra(Connect): Exception during connect. Text=Value 'HDMI' exceeds the limits for field AudioSelector

Now that I think about it, since I swapped receivers without stopping the driver, that's probably why it was working before.  I assume this is an issue during init, when the driver is querying the receiver for status.
After looking at the driver code a bit, I changed the receiver to a different model and got it to connect successfully. It's not ideal, but at least it's working. Now to tackle the volume issue.
Even though the serial port is outputting values (in hex) from 0-200, the front display, and all my existing interfaces use 0-100. I'd really like to keep it that way if possible. Can you suggest a way to modify the existing driver to support this?
At the point where it stores the volume to the field, you'd have to scale it. It has stored the volume range in that info that it sets up. So you can grab the high value. Then you'd just do a scaling, so someting like:

1. Convert new volume to float
2. Divide by the range converted to float
3. Multiply by 100.0 to get the float percent
4. TypeCast(MEng.Card4, FloatPer) to get the Card float
5. Final check just to make sure it didn't round to 101, clip it back if so

Going by eye, something like:

    Float8 FVal;
    Card4 CVal;

FVal := TypeCast(MEng.Float8, InVol);
FVal := FVal / TypeCast(MEng.Float8, VolRange);
CVal := TypeCast(MEng.Card4, FVal * 100.0);
If (CVal > 100)
    CVal := 100;
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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