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CAB collection sorting
If I have a Movie Title, say "Captain America", I use the CQC Media Repository Manager to arrange the the "Collections in the Title Set" to be ordered:  "First Avenger", "The Winter Soldier", "Civil War".

However, when I drill into "Captain America" in the CAB viewer I get the titles in "The Winter Soldier", "The First Avenger", "Civil War".

All of my collections have this problem.  The titles seem to be in random order (not alphabetical anyway).

Thanks -- Bob (CQC 5.2.1)
Hmmm... They aren't actually stored hierarchically, there's a big list of titles and big list of collections and so forth, so the title just has a list of ids of the collections in the collection list. But, I'd think that the CAB would order them in the order that those ids are set in the parent title set. I'll look at that.

After ordering them, if you close the repo manager and re-open it, and go back to that title set, do you see them in the order that you set?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yeah, the repo manager preserves the order. If you double click on movie titles it brings up the "Edit Title Set" dialog which allows you to set title art and also control order of the collections in the title set. Very handy. Just need the CAB to display in that order!
OK, just making sure it wasn't just losing or throwing away the changes. So it must be in the CAB itself.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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