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Interface Template editor widget view gone?
Just upgraded, and I'm editing some templates with lots of overlapping widgets.  I used to manage Z order with the widget view.  Is there a replacement for this tool?

Thanks -- Bob
There is not, unfortunately. That's one thing that got (temporarily) lost. It was actually never designed to support such a thing, so there was a bunch of ad hoc code all over the place to keep that guy up to date with the actual contents of the template.

When things changed radically for 5.x, I just really didn't want to try to go back and do all that again. It needs some architectural improvements to make sure that there's only one place that such changes can be seen and reported. It's on the list to get back, but the changes will be non-trivial so I've not wanted to potentially destabilize things again until we get back into a beta phase. I want to implement a listener type thing on the collection classes (which is what is used to hold lists of things like widgets) so that anything that has this issue will have a standardized way to react to such changes.

But, for now, there's no way to actually see the ordering other than visually. You can of course use the new selection tools to get some of the same functionality. Click to select. Alt-click in the same widget and it will drill down to the next one, and the next one, till it hits the template, then it cycles back up to the top.

As you select each one, you'll see it in the bottom bar as to its type, id, position, etc... so that you can tell what is selected. And, since it's now selected, you can move it via arrow keys, update it via the attribute editor, and so forth.

And I thought you could adjust the Z-Order with the Page Up/Down keys, but it doesn't look like that got implemented. I will put that on the list. Without that, you can only change the Z-Order of the top-most one (by right clicking on it), to push it down, which isn't very useful. Sorry about that. I'll get the page up/down thing implemented. You can do it with just that adjustment of the top one (push it back one, push it to the bottom, but it could be tedious.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I've made the page up/down change. It'll be in the next drop. If you really, really need it, I could do a one-off drop tomorrow for you. Nothing else other than new Z-Wave driver stuff has changed since the last official (5.2.11) drop, so it would be stable and whatnot.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
This particular template only has a few widgets and I can move them left/right temporarily to get at the other stuff. The alt-click technique is sufficient to figure out the order for now.

Thanks -- Bob

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