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ISY, multi-controllers via SmartThings and IFTTT (ugh yes)
Got sick of not having visibility / control over my multi-button zWave controllers. ISY *still* hasn't released 5.0 (approaching 3 *YEARS* in Alpha), and I didn't feel like dealing with code that they say "should not be used for anything other than testing".

I never actually destroyed my SmartThings so I plugged it back in. Using that, IFTTT, and CQC's Web Server to bridge it.  Here are the basic steps.

It takes 2 seconds from when CQC says to turn the light on that it's on, and about 15 seconds from when IFTTT realizes I turned on/off the light for CQC to be aware. I also have no control over the scene buttons, this is just the local load control. That's a big step from where I am today, so at least it's progress.

1) Setup SmartThings, added the 4 button controller. (Alas only the local load works, I don't think I can trap the 3 scene buttons, still looking)
2) In IFTTT, authorized SmartThings 
3) Added 4 recipes per light: SmartThings-Reports-On, SmartThings-Reports-Off, CQC-WantsIt-On, CQC-WantsIt-Off
4) In CQC, added for each light add: 
4a) a variables-driver boolean field (ie EntryLight) 
4b) 2 global actions (TurnLightOn, TurnLightOff)
4c) 1 triggered event listening on the webserver, with 2 if-thens (LightReportedOn, LightReportedOff)

Let me know if anyone wants more details. I'll either create screenshots, or more likely, create a vlog. A vlog would only take 15 minutes to do.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
btw just found my VRCOP. I may try to replicate ST to that later tonight, work stacked up right now.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
If you aren't in a rush, just wait for the new, native driver.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Sure, i'm only going to use the VRCOP for the multi-button controllers.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:

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