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WebRiva iPhone X
That looks interesting.
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If all it does is create a web page that fills its area, and loads it, presumably someone would have taken the obvious step to just let it be setup to point to a URL so that it would work with anything.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thats the idea. But it would also be beneficial to have a setup/config screen where username and password and other options can be checked.

Really, that is something that Charmed Quark should own as their own and not have a third party supply it.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
The whole reason we didn't do a native app to begin with is that we have no means or experience with non-Windows platforms, and only some on Android. If we did one, we could only do an Android one, which would leave the iOS folks out of it. The URL method works well enough for now to set options. So all you need is some generic wrapper app that will create the web page content and go full screen. If you can find such a thing out there, it should work well enough.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
No one asked for a native app - rather a wrapper app as you put it, but one that is branded as CQC. The app only needs to be a wrapper, but t takes away the URL stuff away from the user and presents a cleaner more polished look and feel. Specific to CQC so that all the options are simple and easy to check and uncheck.

It is the first thing people ask when looking - what about for the phone, is there an app. Tell them to put in a long url and they will baulk. Tell them that it takes hours to find the right screen size to suit the particular phone you have and installed hate it (I know I do right now - trying to find a size that fits is so painful)

If people can whip up a wrapper app (almost identical in functionality) for iOS in a weekend I am sure it can be done for CQC as well. Android wold take similarly as long (at a guess).
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I'm sure it would take a weekend or so for someone who had an iOS development environment and tools and long experience in iOS development. For me, it would be months of learning a completely new environment, which would come at the cost of many other things.

And the app isn't going to magically make everything fit. It would just provide a convenient means to go full screen. All the same issues would apply, of scaling and such. The content would still have to be created such that it could either fit exactly or, to keep image quality, fit with an even multiple factor.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, you do not have to do every thing. Sometimes it is more cost effective to sub out the work to someone who is in a position to do it much faster and in this case has the know how.

As for making it fit, I am sure there is a way to have the app "measure" the available screen real estate.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
But that's the same as third party, but worse because it's expensive and we get blamed if it doesn't work despite the fact that we didn't write it. And it wouldn't keep up with changes unless we continued to pay someone to do the work.

I really don't want to go there.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I get learning a new environment is a massive undertaking. I've suggested it several times but have you looked into using something like Adobe's Phonegap? From what I can tell it would allow you to take HTML/CSS/Javascript and wrap it into a native app container while allowing you access to some native APIs. They would then handle all the various iOS/Android specifics.

Or there is this one which allows you to build native apps in Visual Studio using C#.

I think there are several options out there that would find us a happy medium of having more native functions and prevent you from having to become an iOS guru. My personal feeling is that the mobile/tablet devices are being completely overlooked and ignored. I get that having the full IV on a Windows PC allows for a wide range of possibilities but for me, the days of putting windows PC's around the house with touchscreens is over. I always have my phone/ipad nearby and my apple watch on me.

I know you said you just got a smart phone not to long ago and I don't recall if you have an iPad or iPhone to tinker maybe we're just looking at it from different perspectives ;-)

But here is an example workflow or wishlist of what I could do in a native app:

From the icon on the screen I could do a 3D touch (press harder on the icon) and a popup window would show...that could be used to launch some favorite scripts or scenes. I'd love to be able to grab my phone, 3D touch, sleep scene. Done.
That same process could also be done from the notification widget by pulling it down and having access to various shortcuts there.

Watch app - I've got a new series 3 that has cellular so I don't even need my phone for it work and it's waterproof. I use it all the time to control my hue lights or thermostat. I have hue lights on my deck. I can sit in my hot tub and control them, from my watch. Yeah it's lazy.

But back to the viewing issue...
Launching WebRiva on an iPhone X running 11.2.2 and launching on a iPhone 7+ running 11.2.2 produces two different results. The X loses the status bar and the 7+ keeps it. I have a wide mix of devices and can't see how WebRiva is ever going to give me a consistent result.
I'm going to come to Dean's defense here since literally no one here is buying $1000 iPhone X's to hang around the house. So for a portable interface viewer that you open infrequently on your phone, or hell even frequently, losing the status bar for a few minutes isn't a deal breaker. And the iPad isn't affected the way the X is, so it can work exactly as a dedicated viewer. WebRIVA offers the widest compatibility for all products with a browser, and this level of nitpicking detracts from the work done.

Wrapping WebRIVA in some app framework sounds great, but what is the real benefit; the actual, tangible benefit that I am missing using just WebRIVA?

I have the source code for the original iOS app if anyone wants to see if they can alter it to be a wrapper. Just let me know.
do the needful ...
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