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Is CQC right for me? Also considering Allonis and Homeseer
For Blue Iris CPU load will be tied to # of IP cameras and amount of motion detection you are expecting BI to perform. I have 13 cameras, 4 are 5mp IP, the other 9 are analog and run through a dedicated card that on it's own only causes about 15% CPU utilization as all of the video processing and motion detection is handled by the card. With the 4 IP cameras + 9 analog I'm running at 60% CPU on average with a 3.2ghz i5-6500 with 32gb of memory (for pre-buffering of video for motion detection)
Keep in mind also it's not just utilization but latency. You want to reduce latency of response on the CQC machine. So definitely keeping it separate from some high utilization stuff like Blue Iris or Plex is a good thing. Of course some folks do use VMs, but you can assign CPU resources to specific VMs so that's not quite the same as just running them all on the same machine.

Personally given the fairly light requirements of the CQC back-end, I'd tend to just put it on a separate, small machine. That way it also can stay up if the more abused machine needs to be managed or updated or whatever. I'd use regular Windows Interface Viewer clients where possible (for office computer, wall mounted kiosk, desk side tablet, etc..) since they put the lightest load on the server and also are the most powerful clients. If you still end up with 6 or 8 or 10 WebRIVA clients regularly active, scale up the machine a little bit to account for that (so maybe 4 core instead of 2, and some more memory.)

But for just a CQC back-end, with a handful of Windows IV clients and a handful of WebRIVA clients, a dual core machine with 4GB is probably plenty (or a VM which has ownership of a couple cores.) Some other folks who are doing it may disagree with that, and I'd take their word over mine since they have more real world experience with it.

Keep in mind when it comes to cameras and streaming video and such that I/O buss load is also important, not just CPU.

Also keep in mind that CQC is inherently scalable since you can move parts of it around to different machines. So, if you at some point needed to support more WebRIVA clients, you could move that out to a different machine along with the music streaming or something like that. So you can make use of any Windows machines in the network (as long as they are on when they are needed.)
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(10 hours ago)socalsharky Wrote: Thanks for the reply.  How difficult is the programming and/or adding new devices/commands?  I have some Java experience, as well as extensive programming in VBA for MS office.
What are the specs for a PC running the CQC software, including some touch screens, and possibly media management?  I assume that this can be a small PC with no monitor store away in a closet and accessed via a browser from another computer in the house?

Point and click.  I haven't had to write any code at all for my install instead relying on shared things and the graciousness of users, but I know you can do just about anything with CML (CQC's built-in programming language).  The Admin Console and Interface Editor make things amazingly easy.  You should check out the YouTube channel Dean setup for a little peak if you haven't setup the trial yet.

I run CQC in a VM with 1 vCPU and 1GB vRAM and am currently testing rPi's with the 7" touchscreen and Chromium as my interface viewers in the house, along with our iOS devices for portability.  So 5 7" touchscreens, 2 iPad Pro's, and 2 iPhone X's for viewers,  and 16 drivers (currently).  I have a weekly reboot scheduled on my master server, and I don't think I have ever had an issue in the 11 years I have used the product.  The 'server' lives in my garage and actually runs under Parallels on a little Mac Mini, entirely headless.

I don't use CQC for media management any longer - well, in truth I don't really have any media any longer, just streaming services.
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(9 hours ago)socalsharky Wrote: It looks like Tasker is Android only.  Is there a similar app for iOS?  What functions do you use Tasker for?  Could similar functionality be obtained through webRiva or other touchscreens?
Not sure about nowadays, but after being an iOS only house for 4 years, Tasker and HA is why I went to Android. (I was Windows phone for 4 years before, i'm not terribly attached to any given OS)

The most commonly used stuff is geofencing, either via WiFi near or cell tower. Leaving home or coming home. In the winter, in the evenings when i'm 2 miles from my house, if the security is Armed then turn the heat up and perhaps lights.

Also NFC, so I can just tap my phone on something and do stuff. this video has a walkthrough

I was also dabbling with AutoVoice(Tasker Plugin), but i started my current travel heavy project so that got put to the side.

What type of LV smart relay would I use?  Do you know of a specific device that would work?  I saw a video on YouTube where a guy assembled one from a 120V Zwave smart relay, a dumb outlet and a 12V automotive relay, but it was pretty bootleg in appearance.  Am I looking at some type of Zwave device here, or perhaps something that could integrate with Lutron Radio RA? 
I have an Elk, so all my relays are done through that. That's a full blown security & HA panel so overkill just for that, but it's certainly a pro-level solution. Not sure what you'd do if you just want to do relays, but I thought there were zWave LV relays available. Not sure.
What are the options for multi-room music with CQC?  I am thinking several Echos, or perhaps Sonos in rooms where I might want music.  We already have 2 Echos, and they work well.  I would like to be able to stream music that I own, but not sure if Amazon or Sonos provide that capability.  Amazon music or Sirius XM are also options that we use currently.  I would also like CQC to be able to provide audio announcements or alerts through this system.  I do not want to run wires for WHA.

Honestly not sure, as I'm moving to a full Sonos solution. We'll end up with 6 Sonos Connect and 2 One's to cover the house. We're totally content having music be separate from CQC from a selection perspective, although I did set up my Echos to star/stop Spotify playlists. It was a bit of a PITA, and i'm wondering if the Alexa/Sonos integration eliminates the need for CQC to even play a role. Again that damn work thing is getting in the way, this is a lower priority item since family always on their phones and trivial to start up the Sonos app so hard to justify spending time on it.
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BTW I use BlueIris. Absolutely zero chance I would put that on my CQC server. Or even let it share a box with anything else. I learned how to do VMWare, as I wanted to segregate BI, Plex, and CQC. Instability in BI, or Plex transcoding/grabbing 100% of CPU, can't be impacting my HA system. CQC needs to be on a 100.0% stable machine, and right now I have nothing else on that VM. It's a tiny little VM, I think 1GB of RAM and either 2 or 3 cores. It's on a quad-core 3.7GHz, 32GB RAM server so it's just a wee little bit. Most of that box is for other VMs.
Devices I can't stand and wish I could replace: SmartThings, Hue, Concerto, VRUSB
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