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Finally loving IFTTT with Google Home and CQC HTTPtrigger
I was an early adopter on the bleeding edge with IFTTT and gave up a couple of years ago. I just tried again and it is now fantastic. 

In my Applets "THIS" is triggered by Google Assistant, where I can enter up to three different versions of a verbal command.

"THAT" is Webhooks where URL is one that my HTTPtrigger recognizes, Method=POST, Content Type=text/plain, and Body is blank.

Response is almost instant.

Also, IFTTT will not accept commands with the word "Play" in them. A problem since we have a Play Room and have been calling it that for ten years. However, you can also set up a shortcut in the Google Home App which does allow you to use the word "Play" in commands.

Have fun, Richard
My Other web server is Dropbox.
(01-05-2018, 12:57 PM)RichardU Wrote: Response is almost instant.

Hi Richard, I started doing this in December and agree it's really good.  I don't know if in my case I would describe the response as almost instant though.  I just used a stop watch and from the time GHome says OK, turning light on it's 8 seconds to do so today.  I see that range by a few seconds I suppose depending on how much traffic is going trough IFTTT.

What do you see for timing of a response from CQC via IFTTT/GHome commands?  1-2 seconds?   I know there's probably lots of variables at play, but just curious what others are seeing I guess.

I'm doing webhooks with CQC & IFTTT too, it's how i'm sending CQC the actual temp off my wireless temp sensors.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
Shaky. I just timed it at 2 seconds. In a conversational context, GH says "Okay" and lights go on at about the same pace as another individual would respond to a question. So I guess that's why it felt almost instant.

Clicking on my web page can be much faster (maybe a quarter of a second) although sometimes both methods can take a few seconds longer.

IVB. What wireless temp sensors do you use?
My Other web server is Dropbox.
(01-05-2018, 02:42 PM)RichardU Wrote: IVB. What wireless temp sensors do you use?

MyTagList. These ones:
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
Thanks, IVB. Nice videos. How does it work for you to control Zwave through your Elk and CQC?

My Other web server is Dropbox.

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