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WebRiva Chrome Resetting to Default Template
Using WebRiva with a Chrome client on an Android phone and a tablet I've noticed several times that after ten minutes or so the client reverts to the default template specified for the user account. Has anyone else seen this? 
This happens after the screen timeout occurs and the screen goes dark. Before this happens every thing works fine. I'll invoke an action using a toolbar and the correct template is loaded into an overlay. However after I turn the screen back on the web page is back at the default starting template and not where it was before the screen timeout.
That probably means that the screen blanker is preventing WebRIVA from talking to the server so it drops the connection. When you wake it up, it immediately reconnects and you are back to the main screen. The phone may put even the background worker type things that we use to talk to the server to sleep when the phone goes into that mode to preserve battery. There may be some setting to prevent that, I dunno.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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