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Sonos Drivers
I was able to reconfigure and install both drivers after the Music Repo rebuild and subsequent drop of both of them, and it looks like it will play any music from my Playlists, which is the Sonos Media Renderer driver.  Seems to play all my favorites as well, which use the Zone Player driver.  

It will not, however, show anything to play from the Library of songs, which that IV template was a direct cut and paste from what you generated in your autogen packages that I shamelessly stole.  

I have it in high verbose mode again, and maybe I will be able to get another snap file when it drops offline.
It's getting these errors:

01/10 02:51:58-CQCSERVER, CQCServer, CQCDrv_ZonePlayerThread37
    SonosZPPropS, SonosZPPropS_DriverImpl.cpp.1876, Failed/Cannot Do, Error: 4003/0/0
    Could not load the zone player using the provided player ID
      <CQCServer> SonosZPPropS_DriverImpl.cpp - 271


which would seem to indicate that the UPnP device id that it got last time is no longer valid. It sounds like there's some UPnP level issue between the Sonos and Windows. No that this would be the first time that's happened. Window's UPnP implementation isn't great. We already had to take over some of it ourselves a couple years ago in order to get around an issue.

But that id should be unique and persistent. And I guess that, if restarting one side or the other gets it happy again, then it is. If you don't have to do a reconfigure and select it again to get it going, then it's got to be finding it via that previously stored id.

If this is only happening after a restart, I could see that maybe there's something weird like we are coming up before UPnP support is ready and it fails and never recovers or something. Could you set both CQC services on the machine where these drivers are loaded to do delayed startup, and see if that helps any?

But, if it's just stopping working for no apparent reason, that's another thing altogether. Of course, on the conspiracy theory front, Sonos could be basically trying to force everyone to their new API without actually technically shutting down the UPnP one I guess. Just make it flaky enough that everyone has to abandon it.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
So now it seems to be working, and even the media browswer and Search part that wasn't working before is populated with album covers and song names, all without my intervention, so something is going on in the background.  I will keep an eye on it and let you know if it changes.
I put some more logging in for the next drop.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Right now I’m waiting for it to fail again, hence why I haven’t followed up. I power cycled the Sonos, and the driver reconnected silently. Since then it’s been ok - it seems very irregular that it disconnects, but once it does, only power cycling the Sonos reconnects the driver.
I have 6 Sonos devices: 4 Connect, 1 Play:1, 1 Play:5. I have a v1 Zone Player and the V2 Media Renderer driver (all assigned to the same media repo) assigned to each device. I do not have any disconnect issues. I did notice today when I was configuring 2 of the Sonos devices that did not have static IP addresses assigned to them to static (DHCP reservation) that when they were rebooted the other assigned drivers randomly went off line for a bit. You indicate that you have static IP address(s)? assigned, any chance you have a duplicate IP on the network or some such thing. The other potential I'm wondering is if some other UPNP enabled device is causing some kind of "noise" on the network that is confusing the CQC driver. So other than when I assigned a static IP and rebooted the 2 devices I'm not seeing any disconnect issues with any of the Sonos drivers. (the 2 in question did not have any CQC driver installed until today)

So finally, after days of behaving, the Sonos lost its connection again overnight. Attached is the log. seems to be failing to find it as a uPnP devices.

The Zone Player *is* able to connect though, which is the same behaviour as before.

Attached Files
.txt   dump.txt (Size: 13.28 KB / Downloads: 3)
Are these guys assigned static IPs? Something like that is one of the more likely scenarios I can think of. That Windows is caching the IP associated with the unique id it's assigned the device, and doesn't catch when it changes. We clearly still have the unique id. If we can't find it, that's nothing that's going on at our level, it's UPnP or below issues.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
It doesn't seem possible to set the Sonos to static IPs, but I've bound the MAC address to the IP (which is my preferred method, and how other devices on my network are assured a constant IP).

If it was the IP changing under CQC, why would this affect only the one CQC type of device driver though?

I'm pretty certain the IP addresses are the same as when I initially installed. I'll monitor it carefully (have made a note of IP addresses this time to be sure nothing strange is happening with IPs on the router, even with the MAC binding)
The only difference between them would be the UPnP device/service interfaces they implement really. I'm not sure why that would make a difference, though when we search for a device, we search for a particular type of device, a media renderer in the case of the renderer driver and a zone player in the other one. Otherwise the searching mechanism is a UPnP thing that is the same for any type of device. So somehow it would have to be that the Zone Player device interface is responding while the Media Renderer device interface isn't I guess.

When the zone driver is still able to connect are you absolutely sure it's talking to the Sonos instance you think it is?

And, can you connect to the problematic one as a media renderer via some other program when it gets into the weird state?

I guess it's quite possible that a network issue could affect one device interface differently from another.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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