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Windows 10 barely moving after upgrade.
Microsoft did one of their "shove it down your throat" upgrades last evening and now my CQC computer will hardly operate.  There are some other apps on it such as Word and Excel, Chrome, etc., but they are not active.  It's primarily a stand alone CQC computer, but of course connected to the LAN.

It's at a barely crawl, taking 5-10 minutes to perform a command.  I got task manager open finally and it shows 99% CPU steady usage.  Most of the usage is with CQC.  CQC server 27%, CQC Client 21%, and the other files ranging from 5 to 10%.  Adds up to close to 90% CQC CPU usage on a steady basis.

I haven't upgraded yet to the 5.0 series of CQC, still on whatever the basic version was prior to the beginning of the changes.

CQC seems to still operate, the Client still responds, but it takes about 30 seconds for as function to activate.

Moving around to check what's going on is virtually impossible with the CPU being jammed with activity.

I assume it's one of Microsoft's famous driver conflicts.

Where to begin?

See this this thread.  Long story short you need to upgrade to the latest version of CQC.
Thanks batwater for help.

Will installing the 5.x version right over the old version and prevent it from reloading when the computer is restarted?

Allowing the old one to reload creates a disaster all over again.

There were 3 upgrades on 12/6 from MS, only two would uninstall.  When I restarted after deleting the two, I went back to the slow computer which, as you know, eats up hours trying to get things cleared up again.
Installed 5.2.1 apparently successfully.  A bit of a visual jolt from the pre-5.x versions.  Wasn't expecting a DOS looking directory tree as my first view.  I'll have to spend some time finding where things are. Haven't re-started yet, sort of afraid to after that mess that Windows 10 Update created. The tremendous stability of the previous version of CQC has left me a little rusty on what things are all about.

I'm using the trial version, so I guess I need a new install code.
It'll take a bit of getting used to, but it's vastly superior in pretty much every way.

Help is available from inside the Admin Intf. Expand out the /Help part of the tree to jump to some specific topic if you want. After it's up you can just navigate around inside the help. If you are in the action editor, hit F1 to get help on the currently selected command. In an interface editor tab, if you have a single widget selected, F1 gets you to the help on that widget type.

And of course you can check some of the spot topic videos on Youtube for a quick overview of specific aspects of the new scheme.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm already starting to become more accustomed to it. My initial reaction is that it is going to be much handier to do things. It appears that finding one's way around will be more intuitive.
My Events came up with a long number string instead of it's title.  Can I "rename" it without killing it in the process?
Yes. That was one of those things that couldn't be avoided. Those long strings were the actual names of the events in the old system. We couldn't change that without somehow finding all of the possible places it might be referenced and updating those, which would have been very difficult. And the user readable titles inside them were not guaranteed to be valid file names, or even unique.

The only thing that would be affected by the rename is if you have action commands that target those events, in which case you would need to update those commands after you rename the events.

To rename, just do the usual select it then click it to edit the name in place there in the tree. Generally you'd use a more condensed version of the title there in the tree for space's sake.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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