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Windows Server 2016 Essentials and CQC
So I am still heading down the path to retire WHS V1, and ran into another problem, which I think is related.

Could not contact the CIDLib Name Server (at cqcserver:13502)

The server at was not available

I wanted the CQC Server machine to be included (as it was in WHS) in the nightly backups, but with WSE you have to include it in a local domain.  I tested the interaction between WSE and a client PC with no problems, but when I added the CQC Server to the domain, I can't access the server from the clients using the IV.  I am willing to back this out and not include it in the local domain, but wanted to get an opinion before doing so.

1) I was running everything on IPV4, but have switched to both IPV4 and IPV6 and no change.
2) The CQC Server IV runs everything fine except the Sonos Zone Player.  It still links up with the Sonos V2 fine.  I figure this is related, but not sure.
3) I noticed that the settings in Windows Firewall have changed after the inclusion into the domain, as it asked for permission to run the both IV and the WebServer, but as of yet not the name server.  Could it be a Firewall problem?  I ran CQCNETTEST.EXE on the server and everything looked fine, but on the client it gave this:

CQC Connection Tests
   Trying to connect to CQC name server
Failed to contact name server.

Test failed! Error=
01/01 00:00:00-KBLAGRON, CQCNetTest, CQCNetTest
   CIDOrbUC, CIDOrbUC_ThisFacility.cpp.716, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6003/0/0
   Could not contact the CIDLib Name Server (at cqcserver:13502)
   The server at was not available

I think it has to be the firewall blocking the name server from accessing the CQC server, but not sure how to proceed, and thoughts are appreciated.  As I said before, if I need to remove the server from the nightly backups that is easy enough to do and take it off the local domain I created.
Well, I think I figured it out, at least for the CQC Name Server part, still working the Sonos part, but have to believe its related.  I changed the "Allow apps to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall" so that it includes domains, and it works.  I attached a photo showing the boxes I checked.

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.jpg   WFW.jpg (Size: 150.96 KB / Downloads: 8)
I got the Sonos problem figured out as well.  Its related to the Network Discovery (UPnP-In) within the Windows Defender Firewall for Domains.   I enabled this, and all is back to normal.  Photo of the change attached.

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.jpg   WFW2.jpg (Size: 50.5 KB / Downloads: 9)

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