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To sleep; perchance to dim
I just spent a day switching my main interface from web widgets for cameras to camera widgets.  

10 hours of butt-in-the-chair comes with lessons learned and I will try to post those soon.

Before changing, my laptop would turn screen off (but not sleep) after 10 minutes (per my setting in control panel for power options)
After changing, my laptop won't turn screen off.

I seems like the new (for me) camera widgets are keeping the system from turning display off.

Is there a fix?

Were you using the system's monitor sleep stuff or ours? The use of video display output may cause the system stuff not to let it shut down. If so, it would likely be something in the VLC setup that would control that, so check that first. They may have some setting to keep the machine awake if video is playing. That wouldn't be unusual to want that, since you wouldn't want the machine to go to sleep while watching a movie or something.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I'm using the system to turn monitor off. I"d be happy with a blank screen saver.
If there is a way to blank the screen via CQC (instead of system) that activates after inactivity (doesn't require pressing a button). That would be fine also.

Since your reply, I have:
* gone to VLC advanced options and unchecked "don't allow sleep"
* in win10 power advanced options, under multimedia, allow sleep while streaming media
* restarted.

Still, when my cams are running (whether foreground/visible or not), the screen stays on and screen won't sleep or screensave.

If I "hide" cameras (load a blank overlay in the overlaywhere the cams go), no problem, it will screensave.

Conflicting info on web. Somepeople have my complaint. For some of them unchecking the VLC checkbox "don't allow sleep" works, for others it doesn't. And some report the opposite problem, they DON't want any sleep during playback, but they get it anyway. 

There is stuff here:
(reply dated:  07 Oct 2008 22:28)
that suggests  that Windows screensaver will not start if...
The active application receives the WM_SYSCOMMAND message with the wParam parameter set to the SC_SCREENSAVE value, but it does not pass the message to the DefWindowProc function.

Not sure if that refers to your CQCWBHelper.exe or the VLC that gets called from it.

I'll look at that. But if the system sleeps when the IV is running but no video is playing, then it's unlike to be the issue, since it wouldn't do anything differently at that level just because video is playing.

The IV does have a blanker also. Check the SetBlankOpts and SetAutoBlankMode commands of the IntfViewer:: target. Those let you set up the blanker.

Anyone else have any anecdotal evidence one way or the other if you are using the cam widget?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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