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5.2.0 follow up releases
I posted version 5.2.9 (link in the first post of this thread), which is more fixes and small improvements on the way towards a followup release. It would be really nice to get some feedback on this guy.

I had to make a number of changes to deal with the issue of double slashes getting into remote file paths (e.g. /User//Whatever). There was sort of an assumption that you could never have an invalid CQC level path without that creating an invalid OS level path, which would cause any attempt to read or write to fail. But, sadly, Windows ignores double slashes in file names. So such a file access could succeed, and that file would get into the data server's in memory cache under a different path key. So you could have some things get one version and some things getting another.

So a bunch of stuff was added to prevent this from happening, at multiple levels, from warning you about it if you try to enter one, to getting rid of any that had somehow gotten stored away, to getting rid of any that might get created dynamically in actions before they are sent to the server, to the server as a last line of defense getting rid of them before it uses the path.

It just goes to show you that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Every time standards are relaxed to accept incorrect data without complaining, it just causes endless grief. The internet is awash with such problems. Anyhoo, that's camels of a different stripe under the bridge at this point. This version should prevent that.

This also gets the custom overlay stuff in the auto-gen back working happily now. And there was an issue in both auto-gen and scaling where a small image could get scaled down to zero size. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

BTW, the previous couple versions introduced some nice new capabilities like search for widgets and the remote file dialog remembering the last accessed path on a per-type basis. These are both nice to have, so a good reason to upgrade.

There's some small chance that I introduced some little glitch or something, but just let me know and I'll fix it quickly. But, overall, the last four'ish drops have taken care of a lot of stuff that should make the product more robust and performant.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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