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Issues after fall Windows updates
A couple of days ago, I upgraded win10 from a 15xx version to a 17xx.  As soon as it was complete, my machine was a disaster.  Machine continually hung between mouse movements etc.  Couldn't do anything. 

So I did a clean install of win 10, rebuilding my main apps, namely Plex and my web site.  Machine running great for half a day, so decided to tackle CQC.  Upgraded to what was the standard version on the site, looked like 5.2.  Machine reverted to the same behavior I experienced prior to clean install.  Rebooted, same issue.  Uninstalled CQC, everything is good.   Both this current release and the prior (a 5.0 dot release I believe)  don't work well with the newer 17xx version of win10.  I'm not sure I can help debug, because as soon as I install CQC, it all turns to s**t!

Any ideas?

Running Win10 1709 OS Build 16299.19
This is a known issue. They changed something in the fall updates that just went out a little bit back. See Marks' post from last week:

We just put out 5.2, so I didn't want to update immediately and have to put out a new version after making networking changes, since that stuff is tricky. So we have been holding out for a little bit to deal with any 5.2.1 type followup fixes we might need to do, before making changes that will need to be well tested in the field before we make it official, or that possibly even would not be compatible with pre-Fall Creator's release Windows.

It doesn't look like there's going to be any more little things to do for 5.2.1. So far there's only a handful and I've got them taken care of. I'll probably get that 5.2.1 drop out unofficially first, maybe tomorrow, then I can force my machine to get the fall Windows updates and see what is going on and get a fix out there, which I'll do as probably 5.2.2, and once some folks have verified that the issue is fixed, we can make that official.

In the meantime, you would have to roll those Windows changes back, which is easy to do. Marks thread above indicates how to do them, and keep them from coming back until we get this figured out. Or, just wait before moving to 5.2 until I get this figured out.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've done a clean install, so I can't roll back. I'll wait until you figure it out.

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