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UPB PIM - Simply Automated vs PulseWorx
From a thread on Cocoontech someone recommended the PulseWorx PIM over the SA PIM as it has a "much stronger signal."  Is the PulseWorx PIM even compatible with CQC or is the driver written specifically to the SA PIM?

If it's from different companies, I'd guess the interfaces are different, but I could be wrong. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, since the current one seems pretty bad as a control interface. So maybe this one is better and might allow for a nice driver.
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From the big ol' www

Control your UPB network via IP communication by installing the PulseWorx UPB Powerline Interface Module (PIM) IP. With a built-in web server as well as UPB Gen II technology, this Ethernet UPB powerline interface module allows you to program and send commands to UPB devices via a LAN network or over the internet. The PIM plugs into a standard power outlet and connects to your network via Cat5 cable. Because the module features Dual-Transmitter circuitry, UPB signals are boosted for long-distance transmission, allowing you to locate the PIM anywhere in your home. Once the PIM is setup, you can use UPStart Configuration Software or other IP-based device to remotely configure the UPB network. The PIM also allows standard port forwarding, so you can access the network from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile web-enabled device. More Info for Developers: This PIM uses RS-232 commands via IP, allowing any device with a programmable serial port to send and receive UPB commands. The PIM operates at 4800 baud, and runs the ASCII-based command/report protocol. The PIM is both a UPB transmitter and a UPB receiver, giving you the ability to perform true two-way powerline communication. It also communicates in two different operating modes, depending on the level of information required from the powerline. Message Mode informs the host when a valid UPB message is received on the powerline. Pulse Mode informs the host of every UPB pulse that is on the powerline. NOTE: Requires UPStart version 6.0 Build 30 or higher.
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