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Moving drivers to another machine (or renaming a machine)
Occasionally you may move a CQC installation to another machine and not give that new machine the same name as the old one. That could be the MS or some secondary server. Prior to 5.0, the configuration for which drivers should load on a particular machine was stored on that machine. So it made no difference if the new one had the same name as the old one. The background service would start up and look at his local driver configuration, and load those drivers.

As of 5.0 and forward, all of the driver configuration is on the MS. And part of the configuration for each driver is which machine (by name) that driver is to load on. When a given CQC enabled machine comes up, if driver support is enabled there, it goes to the MS and asks if there are any drivers configured for it. If so, it loads those drivers.

This means that, in the situation where you rename a machine or move the CQC installation on that machine to another one with a different name, the drivers no longer automatically come forward. They are configured to load on the old machine by name.

Obviously we didn't want you to have to manually remove the drivers from one machine and reload them on another, so we provided a mechanism to 'move' the drivers. If you right click on a machine name in the /Devices section of the Admin Interface's browser tree, there is an option there called Change Server. This will let you choose another CQC enabled machine (that has driver support enabled.) If you make the selection, it will update those drivers to be configured to load on the new machine, and tell that new guy to load up those drivers.

* This same mechanism also works if you just want to move the drivers on one machine to another, both of which are still active. It will unload the drivers from their current machine, update the configuration, then tell the new machine to load up any new drivers that have been moved to it.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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