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Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 thermostats - Anyone else use?
Pulled out all my Z-wave Honeywell thermostats because 5% of the time they had network issues or I had to power cycle them so they would see the z-wave network again. Replaced with Honeywell  Wi-Fi 9000 thermostats and they are phenomenal! at least 4-nine's reliable so far.
I miss not having them CQC but wanted to see if anyone else is using them to see if there is an appetite for a driver,etc.
Denon 3808ci, 2112ci , SONOS, Russound CAA66,Z-Wave(Lights,Locks), Hue, SmartThings,
iPads,Tivo,Hikvision,Elk-M1,iTunes,TED5000,Somfy RTS blinds, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Polk XRT12,
Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 & Caleo Wi-Fi Thermostats, Rainmachine

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