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IMAP Email Driver
(06-14-2017, 07:32 AM)indygreg Wrote: i am not sure what an assigned application account is.  googled it and didnt see much.  i have an account that i created in gmail just for this project.  i enabled pop3 and set up the pop3 driver to point to localhost and port 5000.  i then installed stunnel with these settings:

Sorry, I misstated what I meant, not enough coffee in the bloodstream. App Password...  Google Help

Glad to hear you got it working
(06-14-2017, 10:36 AM)indygreg Wrote: got it working.  i replaced localhost with the machines ip address and it worked.  makes no sense but i'll take it.  


I also could not get the driver to connect using the value 'localhost' for Address in the Socket Configuration.

But, I typically use a loopback address,, which does allow the driver to connect to the local computer, without requiring a specific IP address.

I should be able to make some improvements to driver shortly, as I'm researching more of the IMAP protocol.

@indygreg - do you use any off the list fields (subject, header, from lists) from the email driver?

-- Also, for clarity, an 'App Password' or ' assigned application account' are terms which allow google accounts (and other account providers) to allow you to assign an alternative password to a single computer/service/user. This improves security b/c this entity does not have your 'master' google password, but rather a single password that can be altered or revoked without impact any other authentications on the account.  AFAIK, an app account cannot be used for stunnel, which is why batwater mentioned it. But, I haven't attempted that in a while, so maybe someone should confirm this.----

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