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Windows as a service? Now, there’s an argument for Linux
Windows as a service? Now, there’s an argument for Linux title of article in Computer World, pulled this from CocoonTech originally posted by pete_c...


Win 7 is dead, Win 10 I've force hacked to not update automatically (but only because I had pro licenses) but I'm sure that will get broken as soon as the new and improved creator's update comes out.  I already have to worry if my antivirus stops updating (unknown cause at the moment) and for some reason locks up the USB to serial driver preventing 1/2 of my PLCs from communicating Huh  because windows has popped up a dialog to let me know that the computer's protection is out of date, this is FUBAR!!!  

Argh! I spend all of my spare time dicking around with Windows fighting with BS problems, let's rename it SNAFU!?!?!?

I'm with wuench in his post over on CocoonTech, put my family members in the cloud, also tired of the time suck fixing the latest Windows messes that come up all too frequently.

This dichotomy sucks, we need an OS that doesn't update itself at at a whim and yet we need to be internet connected for communication to the outside world.

</End Rant>

Seriously, I am afraid it is going to get to the point where Windows becomes more of a liability than CQC is worth.

Dean, with all your rework of CQC to the new version are you in a position to jump to a different operating system should Microsoft follow through on this cloud concept?
Smile Don't get network guys started on MS.... this is known Khaleesi...

BTW just spent an hour trying to figure out why android smart lock wasn't working on my Moto. Hint: It isn't Google's fault.... bye bye corporate email....
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[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
The grass always looks greener on the other side. If we moved to Linux, which would be an enormous undertaking (since we couldn't drop Windows support so we'd have to support both), it would likely just trade one set of complaints for another. And I imagine we'd lose functionality as well.

BTW, my understanding of 'Windows as Service' means that they will just stop putting out large, major releases and just continue to update it incrementally over time, not that Windows will become cloud based or something. Obviously MS will continue to offer more application functionality that way I'm sure.

Microsoft has a huge installed base of desktops and servers. We'd likely all be near dead before they could manage a move to a cloud based OS as their only option, assuming they even tried. They could offer it as an option of course. I mean the world is full of VM based Windows servers already. Though clearly a desktop over the net is far more of a challenge than a server. The amount of data is larger and the latency constraints much worse.
Dean Roddey
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The Windows as a Service idea is literally running an instance in the cloud basically going back to the mainframe area. Businesses are already doing this, they are moving quickly away from having users on PC's towards remote desktops, BYOD, etc. They are being forced into it because of all the support and security issues of having to deal with desktops. And MS is trying to build this out in Azure because companies are currently rolling their own at Amazon or Google or in their own datacenters with things like XEN racks.

It's true there are issues with non-MS solutions as well. Linux is certainly not easier to maintain, unless it is a packaged product. I have looked and no one has the touchpanel GUI features of CQC. There is an opportunity there if you decided to take it. Things like Home Assistant and OpenHab have lots of support for devices, and the rule engine nailed down as well as a broad user base. But neither of them have a way to create a custom attractive GUI outside of doing your own web development. If someone just created a product to easily create an attractive interface that wasn't OS dependent a lot of those users would love to have it on top of the rule based product of their choice.

Microsoft is going to have to change it's ways or it is going to start hemorrhaging consumer based users like it is business users. They just aren't the monopoly they once were. And their way of doing things, breaking standards, big fat code bases, forced/breaking updates, forced rebooting, requiring lots of computing power, and even charging for an OS are all working against them these days as other companies like Apple and Google present alternatives. I think every consultant I see come in has a Macbook, if they want Windows they run it in a VM. Corporate GMail is eating into O365 because of the massive O365 requirements (15 sockets per user, horrible client software, etc.) Things like Windows Server have been an unscalable joke for a long time, only the smallest businesses use it. Instead of just trying to increment their archaic technologies and ways they should take a page out of their own book and CTRL-ALT-DEL 'cause the bluescreen is coming...

Just one man's humble opinion. A little diversification may not be a bad idea to mitigate the risk and open you up to a larger market, if you can figure out a way....
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[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
from a paranoid perspective:
Windows as a Service could turn into a scenario like "you want this latest necessary update? pay us $X in rent" type deal... at which point a lot of people will jump ship to Linux/something else...

personally, I am already jumping ship and getting away from windows... Steam & CQC are the only dedicated windows boxes I have anymore...
and steam is making progress on having more of the games I like being Linux based... so that just leaves CQC as the sole remaining hold out Sad
NOTE: As one wise professional something once stated, I am ignorant & childish, with a mindset comparable to 9/11 troofers and wackjob conspiracy theorists. so don't take anything I say as advice...
If charging for their OS is working against them, then it would be hard to blame them for considering such a move. I blame Google and their ilk for so much of what's wrong today. When you create a model where you sell your customers as your product, then everyone else who wants to actually sell their product get's put into a situation where it's more and more difficult to do that.

But still, it will be a LONG time before they could make such move in a way that was a requirement rather than an option. I doubt they could ever really make it a requirement.

OTOH, if it was an option, there are a stupid number of people out there who would benefit from it, and hence it would benefit MS tremendously, as long as it was well done.
Dean Roddey
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