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Announcing CQCVoice - CQC's All Local Voice Control System
Of course, before .914 it might have been picking up some of its own TTS, since that was a significant improvement in .914, to make sure that all audio buffers were flushed at the point that input is re-enabled after TTS is done. And that might have also explained why it helped to wait a little bit before answering, so that any such carried over buffers didn't seem to be part of what you were saying.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I tried out 914 although only briefly. I haven't had the time lately to give it a proper run. Initial thoughts are that it certainly made improvements to consistency, likely the buffer change did the trick. The new changes on conversation vs command by command in my opinion helped as well. I'll get more into testing over the next days or week I hope.

I know I'm still fighting with how far away from the Kinect I can be and still get good recognition. Up close it's very good now, still trouble at 10-15+ feet. It hears me but the confidence is low so ignored often. I'd like to get that .dll that records what CQC hears to see if I can tell why the distance thing is still a challenge. I did something similar with the Kinect SDK tools and using one it seemed fine, but on another it had what I assume is a massive feedback issue... Having the gain at 100 could be part of the problem, although <80 doesn't work either. Perhaps a fine line but tough to tell why and whether it was related to the app or other speakers etc. Why one would be fine and another not I don't know. The CQC recording will be helpful.
OK, once you've upgraded to 916 let me know and I can set you up with the audio recording.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
5.0.916 is posted, so upgrade to that and then let me know and I can send you the modified DLL for the audio testing.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I have been out of pocket for a few weeks due to a death in the family, but did get a chance to load up .914. It is working much better than the previous version I had (.910). Similar to what Shaky said, it doesn't do a good job from over about 10 foot away. I have this set up in my family room, and also have an Echo. From 10' away, CQC Voice will respond, but a lot of time needs clarification, and in my testing, will fail understanding after that. The Echo can pick up easily from 15' away in a quiet room, so there is definitely a difference. Maybe the circular design .vs. a square design.

One other thing in my limited testing - If it does need clarification, I have never gotten it to work after that, even if I move in front of the Kinect and repeat. The other thing I noticed, is that if it ever does fail due to not understanding your response, you have to say "Wakeup ..." to get it to work again. It will not respond to just the keyword after it can't understand the clarification.

I will try the latest version this week and let you know how it goes.
And you are sure you are saying the clarifications correctly? It just seems very strange that it would not recognize them at all. What are you seeing in the debug window when that happens? Is the right response but low confidence or just not recognizing anything at all. Maybe you could use the recording hack I mentioned above to let Voice record what you are saying to a file so that we can hear what Voice is hearing at that point.

I guess we do have to keep in mind that the Kinect's mic array is almost a decade older design than the Echo's, and that a different mic array might make a huge difference. It might be worth considering something like the Acoustic Magic Tracker I mic, just arrange with them that you can return it if it doesn't make any difference. If it does make a big difference, then that will point towards the Kinect's limitations. If not makes none, then it points towards the speech reco being less able to deal probably with a lower signal to noise ratio, probably more small room echos and stuff like that.

What is the recording input gain set to?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I still had a heck of a time getting clarifications to work last time I tested... but have managed to get a couple to work. Usually have to get my mouth to the mic and be real clear.  I meant xyz.  I'd say I bat about 5-10% on actually having a clarification get accepted.  Definitely an issue somewhere on that.
Weird, I never have any issue with them. Well slightly more than regular commands, probably because they are shorter and more easily ambiguous. But never serious problems or anything. I'll see if I can find some logical issue on my part maybe.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Not sure if suggestion are for this thread,
But also it be nice to be able to set reminder for a future day.
Ex: Remind me to take (Name here) to school on friday at 800am. - as that is something I dont do regularly due to work.

let say the system give you a voice reminder but you where not able to listen to it for x or y reason. Would it keep repeating the reminder until you acknowledge it? Like every 5 min or user configurable amount of time.

That would be a great feature.
We can look at this things for the next release. Because of the way the grammar's work, setting specific times and days adds a lot more work because every possibility has to be taken into account.

It currently will only repeat it once, and doesn't expect any acknowledgement. We can also look at adding a number of repeats upon demand or something like that.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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