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ADA Suite 16 driver assistance
I got a driver question regarding the ADA suite 16.  I have a x1 16 channel input card with x2 16 channel output cards.  Do I need a different driver to run all I have or is the driver that cqc has will do what I have?

thank you
I have a ADA suite 16 with:
x1 A-16 card
x2 p-16

Id like to see if someone can help me create a driver for my system. Or some guidance on how to create the driver myself.

thank you
The existing driver says it's for the ADA 8x8 and Suite 16. Have you tried that guy and it doesn't work?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I looked at the driver. it looks like it will only control 1-16 sources. if I'm understanding right with the way the driver is now id only beable to switch between the ro1 -ro16 on the a-16 source card? How would I change between the other 2 p-16 cards for the 32 output zones?
thank you

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