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Text to Speech changes as of 5.0.9 and beyond
We've not started doing betas yet, since any changes made so far have been fairly small and safe. And there will probably be at couple more at least 5.0 follow-up releases before we commit to real betas and have to split the code base. Therefore I'm posting here for those folks who are installing the followup releases to be aware of some small changes in the Text to Speech support as of 5.0.9 and beyond.

Basically we've been updating some of the Microsoft developer toolkits that we are using, trying not to get too far behind on these things, since it's easy to just keep using the same stuff forever. One of the changes is that we moved up from the old SAPI 5 (Speech API) interface to the newer Speech Platform 11. This involves a new speech engine and new voices, so once you make the move to 5.0.9 and beyond, if you want to do TTS via CQC you'll have to install some new bits. They are easy to do. I've outlined the changes in this thread:
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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