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Official 5.1 Beta Discussion Thread
Those weren't errors from the drivers. They were errors from the client service. It downloads metadata from the repositories. When you stop the repos, it no longer sees them as available so it stops trying to download the data. If the repo is available, but not online, then you will get those errors. You can just leave them stopped until you are ready to get them working.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
if the repo throws errors it's taking out my other drivers like ISY and Nest. for a split second. Is that to be expected?
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It's not taking them out. It's just the client reloading the data in case something has changed. It happens when a driver seems to have come online then goes back offline again. Generally they should stay offline until they are ready. But, in some, it's harder to do than others. But presumably they get started, then fail for network access reasons, and go back offline.

When the clients see that, to be safe rather than sorry, they reload all of the driver data from scratch, which temporarily leaves the values unknown, and you see that. It wouldn't affect any actions or anything. It's just a display thing. At some point were could try to get rid of that, it just involves changing some fundamental aspects of the system, so not a thing to be lightly done.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
OK, I've redone some videos that referenced the old documentation and the old (current) web site, to get those up to date with what will be the new stuff. As usual, it's a weird bootstrapping issue. I have to make things look like they are where they are going be before they actually are there, otherwise I couldn't do the videos until after they already are there.

I still have some more written docs polishing to do. And I'll probably do some more videos, just because they are just such good ways of finding issues, to see if I can flush out any other issues that really need to be dealt with. The rest will just go on the list for 5.2.

I may get brave and try to do a release tomorrow. If not, then probably Thursday.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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