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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store
brianmount Wrote:Maybe what I can do, then, is have my cache hold 128 items, plus any items up to 256 that are no more than 20K, plus any items up to 512 that are no more than 10K, or something like that. Hopefully that will help in this particular situation.

You probably already know that loading full-screen background images (and a rotating set of them at that) is like driving around with a boat anchor in your trunk. You may not have noticed the performance hit in your Range Rover, and I presume that the boat anchor brings fond memories of places you've been, sailing the high seas with the salty wind at your back, fighting Spanish galleons and so on. But now that you're using Apple's equivalent of a Mini Cooper, you might want to take a look at whether the nostalgia value of that hunk of rusty iron is really worth the pokey acceleration.

OK, that sounds good about the cache. I really have plenty of room on my iPad, and I do have more than 512 of the smaller images, it still would be nice if we could increase it if we needed to as I have about 1,000 movies, and about 800 albums. Optimally I would like to get all of the cover art in the cache, but this would definitely help.

I agree completely about the background image, and I believe i will be revisiting this in the next couple of days to see if I can find a smaller color depth image and use just the one. I have definitely seen the performance penalty and will be addressing it.

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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store - by rm1759 - 06-01-2011, 05:48 AM

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