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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store
Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this.

Is there any way to increase the cache, or let us set a size we want to use in the config? I would love to be able to cache all of the images permanently (they do not change that often for me) on the device and that would really speed things up.

it would be nice if we could also cache larger images (I use the panos/jkish templates and like the detailed backgrounds)
Well if the images are in the repository, they will be cached no matter what the size. It's only media art (and Web image widgets) which have the size limit. So you could try switching to that.

My thought with the cache sizing was first to gather some data from people on the usage they see, to gain some insight into what might be necessary. That's why I put in the capability to view the state of the cache. So in your case, what are you seeing? Do you fill up all three caches, or just some? How big are your media art and Web image widget files?
I am not sure how to tell if the cache is full (aside from summing up all of the item sizes?)

I have 160 items in the CQCRepo, Looks like it is also caching the large images, I have some in the cache that were over 1M from images I had not optimized (have since fixed that, and just deleted the offending items from the cache.).

The MediaArt cache only has 123 items and none of those are over 4K. but, it does not have all of my cover art in there. i can tell in the UI when it is cached and when it is not, the load time is orders of magnitude different for items that are not in the cache.
It would only have cached any that you have accessed so far. It faults them into the cache upon use.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

I just bought my first Ipad and i have not been able to connect. Ive tried very simple passwords to just make sure im typing it in correctly. I have been using 1.6 with my iphone4 without issue. For the Ipad I created a second user under in the security admin for the ipad since it will be connecting to a different interface than the iphone does. I used my iphone interface and changed the directory to the one that i plan to use for the ipad and that worked. Can i not have more then one user?

What am i missing here?
Ok i finally figured it out. Seems that i had to set the password using the reset password on the main dialog. Hopefully this still helps someone. Thx
I think 160 is probably the current limit on total number of items in a single cache. So the repository cache is full at the moment, while the media art cache is not full, presumably because many of your cover art images are above the size limit, and are therefore not being cached permanently.

From your message, it sounds like it's the cover art that's the problem. Is that correct? Is all the repository artwork cached properly among those 160 items? If so, then the only question about the repository is whether we should impose a limit on the item size to avoid filling up memory. As you see, if a few 1 Meg images creep into your cache, it can blow the size up considerably. Maybe I should put in some logic to delete large images that haven't been accessed for a month, or something like that. Otherwise, unless new repository images get downloaded, pushing the old images out of the cache, or the use proactively deletes them from the cache as you did, those images will set around hogging storage space forever. Does that make sense?

Then regarding the media art cache, you say that you have a number of 4K images. I'm guessing you also must have some much large images that aren't being cached permanently. Can you connect to your server and scroll through your library to pull a bunch of media art images into the cache, then disconnect and view at the cache? You should see 160 items in the media art cache, some of which have a check next to them indicating that they are small enough to cache permanently, and some of which do not. My experience with my friend's cover art library was that some albums had inexplicably large image files -- 800K where most were only 40K. Is that the case for you? Is there any pattern to the sizes?

It's easy enough to expand the cache capacity, both in terms of the number of items and the maximum permanently cacheable item size. But I'm afraid that if I let people blithely download a whole mess of 800K movie images that they plan to display as 40 by 40 thumbnails, storage will fill up. And that's dumb. There's no need for 800K thumbnail images. That's a waste of storage space and download time. I'd rather come up with an intelligent solution to this problem rather than just bump the cache limit to 500 1M files. Unless the cache size is larger than all the CDs and movies you own, sooner or later you'll start thrashing the cache and get the worst of both worlds -- wasted space _and_ lousy performance.
I do believe my issue is with cover art, but not with size. The largest cover art file I have is 13K, and I only have 3 covert art imagoes above 6K in my current cover art cache. I have the full 160 items, so I think what I would need is to increase that to something larger than 160 (preferrably MUCH larger!)

I am still seeing an issue in the CQCRepo cache with my background images. these are 1024x768. I had originally imported them at ~800K each, but didn't like how long those took to download, so I optimized them down to about 80K each, and re-imported the images.

The problem now is that it looks like CQC is expanding them, because looking at these images in the cache, they are ~800K or over 1M each again (I have about 30 backgrounds, I load a random one up at startup).

I tried overwriting the existing images in the repo, and when that did not work, I tried re-importing with a completely different name, and they are still much larger than they are on the disk.... (these are jpg files)
You have to keep in mind that the images as stored in the cache are in the form required to actually display them, not in the file based compressed format. It would be hugely piggy if they had to be decompressed every time they needed to be displayed. So a 1024x1024 image, with three bytes per pixel, will be 3MB, for instance. If it includes per pixel transparency, then it can be 4 bytes per pixel for 4MB. That's the actual bitmap format in memory. If the image can handle it, you can reduce it to 64K color scheme, which would only require 2 bytes per pixel. Sometimes that's doable without too much loss in quality, particularly if it's just artificial graphics without a lot of gradiated colors and such. If it's a quit simple image it can be reduced to a 256 color palette based format for 1 byte per pixel.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Maybe what I can do, then, is have my cache hold 128 items, plus any items up to 256 that are no more than 20K, plus any items up to 512 that are no more than 10K, or something like that. Hopefully that will help in this particular situation.

You probably already know that loading full-screen background images (and a rotating set of them at that) is like driving around with a boat anchor in your trunk. You may not have noticed the performance hit in your Range Rover, and I presume that the boat anchor brings fond memories of places you've been, sailing the high seas with the salty wind at your back, fighting Spanish galleons and so on. But now that you're using Apple's equivalent of a Mini Cooper, you might want to take a look at whether the nostalgia value of that hunk of rusty iron is really worth the pokey acceleration.

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