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Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 05-02-2012

SomeWhatLost Wrote:so, is it really "stylish & amazing"?:-)
I'd say as much as my Playbook... Wink Most tablets look a like, unless you go for the thinner ones. Wink

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - batwater - 05-03-2012

SomeWhatLost Wrote:mostly just looking for a RIVA client to play with... cheaper=better
so, is it really "stylish & amazing"?:-)

Referb Kindle Fire for $139 were available as of yesterday. My son has one (a Christmas gift) and has it hacked to Android 4.0, very pleased with it!


Android RIVA Client: taRiva - sic0048 - 05-03-2012

I recently got a pair of HP Touchpads (one for my parents and one for our household). Runs Android pretty well (mic and camera don't work, but you don't need them unless you plan on doing video conferencing with it).

The best part about it is the Touchstone charging station. It recharges the tablet without any physical connections. You just set the tablet on the stand and it charges (I think through magnets). This setup makes it a perfect CQC device because you don't need to unplug the tablet to walk around with it. It shows a digital clock when in the stand, but as soon as you pick it up, it opens to the last viewed screen. So you can keep the CQC Riva opened and when you pick it up, it will make the clock disappear and the RIVA screen appear.

You can still find the Touchpads for around $200 refurbished. The touchstone dock is around $35 right now (but sometimes can be bought for as little as $20 although there is no telling if we will see any more of those deals).

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - wuench - 05-04-2012

I have a Viewsonic gTablet off of Woot, had to hack it to get the app store, etc. Right now running Honeycomb, can't get ICS yet.

Sic brings up a good point. The Android market is very fragmented. If you want things like a charging station, etc, I would recommend you get one of the tablets with a large user base. It seems, unlike something like the IPad, the Android manufactures pretty much abandon support after a short period of time and don't release updates etc. The gTablet is one of those with very little support, but it has enough of a base that the xda-developers support it with OS updates. If you aren't getting OS updates from somewhere eventually you will find it difficult to run new apps etc. You also will find it difficult to find screen protectors, docking stations, and other accessories.

That may not be a big deal if you just want to run taRIVA and stock OS. But definitely research whether the accessories you want are available.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - kayemsi - 05-06-2012

I saw one comment about not hiding the status bar, and since I don't yet have ICS, was wondering if there was going to be real issues with either upgrading the Bionic (when the upgrade is available) or replacing the WM6.1 omnia with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I have not upgraded taRiva on the Bionic in a long time, and am still using protoccol 1 as I originally had issues with protoccol 2.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - wuench - 05-06-2012

ICS has the status bar at the bottom and from what I have read it is very difficult to hide. You have to kill a fundamental process on the tablet. Some hacked versions of ICS have this built into the OS settings, and a couple of other apps have succeeded in doing it. It was the primary reason I downgraded to honeycomb.

I have to say Google is really failing with Android with stunts like this.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - kayemsi - 05-06-2012

So, if you make a landscape template that is the size of the screen, minus the status bar, will all of it show. Or should you make a template with just blank area where the status bar is? What happens to the status bar when you change the orientation of the phone and have locked the riva template orientation? Does the status bar now cover the bottom of the portrait screen and cover part of the template?

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 05-06-2012

If the orientation is locked, nothing will change when you rotate it.

You don't leave a blank space for the bar, you can use all the available space. The actual dimensions are visible in one of the option screens.

If the title bar gets hidden with no way of accessing the option menu, the app could be deleted and reinstalled, or there is a preference file that could be edited to show it again...

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - IVB - 05-06-2012

dumb question: I just bought the app through the Play Store as I got an HTC One X today, entered the data into the "config" area, but can't figure out how to make it actually connect. What do I need to do?

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 05-07-2012

IVB Wrote:entered the data into the "config" area, but can't figure out how to make it actually connect. What do I need to do?
It should automatically connect once you hit Apply, Add or relaunch the app... So make sure you don't have a typo.