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Android RIVA Client: taRiva - potts.mike - 07-20-2010

I dont use android but from my experiences with the iphone and ipad it would be best to allow scrolling of some sort.

on a side note did people see this:
Could make for a good cqc device.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - personalt - 07-20-2010

I would think that you would build the template to the size of the screen and use the swipe to swap templates. similar in how in the android OS you swipe to move between home screens.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - joeberg - 07-20-2010

Personally, i plan to build new templates to fit the screen, so scrolling wouldn't be required. That doesn't mean scrolling wouldn't be beneficial to others though.


Android RIVA Client: taRiva - sic0048 - 07-20-2010

I'm not sure which would be faster. Loading a larger template - something like 800x1920 and scrolling with a swipe, or loading a single smaller template at 800x480 and having 3 other templates that would load with a swipe.

I don't think I would want to scroll in two directions (up/down & left/right). I would probably stick with either up/down or left/right. But I think scrolling should be an option.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 07-20-2010

OK, so I'll get some scrolling/swiping going on. It seemed simple enough with a background image, I would imagine it will work similarly for some more complex canvas.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - znelbok - 07-20-2010

I match the size to the device but I also create a page twice as wide and swip when needed


Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 07-20-2010

Getting there, the current version can display a simple template, with a background color and some text... I don't know if the font size will work as is or if I need to use some device independent format. I haven't seen how to select a font type, but it must be in there... Wink

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Dean Roddey - 07-21-2010

The font criteria stuff provided is pretty simple, just intended to insure that you basically get the same look. I'm sure that OpenGL provides at least that level of font control. Most systems provide some sort of 'give me the best match for this' type of call. You might have to swizzle the values a bit if their way of describing fonts is a lot different.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Fonceur - 07-21-2010

Actually, I dropped the OpenGL idea, as that added overhead that wasn't really needed, not trying to get a 60 fps game here... Wink I am using the native Android canvas. I found where to set the font type and such, so it should work out fine. Only the font size might still be an issue, as it seems to only take point size, which I know does not scale with various resolutions.

[Image: TaRIVA_Template.jpg]

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - SamVimes2 - 07-21-2010

Looking good!