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Android RIVA Client: taRiva - sic0048 - 06-08-2013

You needed to install the Riva server as part of the master server (actually it can be running on another machine, but I assume you have a simple install at this point). If it isn't installed, then you need to run the installer again and make sure the Riva server is checked.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Mark Stega - 06-09-2013

Chad Wrote:How do I check to see if I have a RIVA server running as well as configure a RIVA account and associate a default template. I have paid $20 for the TaRiva software b/c I didn't want to go through another path getting a trial version. If I don't go with CQC then I assume I'll get a refund.

Please advise on the configuration questions. Thank you.
You can check the configuration by running the CQC installer in "fully custom" mode and stepping through the options until you get to the RIVA server. You configure a user in the CQC Admin interface.

The trial version of TaRIVA is simply downloaded from the first post in this thread. I'll let Fonceur of Talus Corp speak to his refund policy.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - IVB - 07-02-2016

Fonceur, is this still a live product? If so heads up, it doesn't work on 5.0.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - IVB - 07-02-2016

btw i tried to post on the talluscorp forum but it won't let me register. Claims "justification reason" is too short, but there's no field to enter one.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - DaveB - 07-02-2016


That product and support died about two years ago. The only reason it did not matter is that it kept working with the 4.x.x CQC product.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - IVB - 07-02-2016

Ouch so are folks not using android? Dean, what's your thoughts about android and 5.0? I don't even use Windows clients, this is core functionality needed for me.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Shaky - 07-02-2016

I personally gave up on Riva long ago with Android. It would always be a chore to get connected consistently after an initial connection for me... I went to RDP for now which isn't bad hoping eventually something better will come along.

We're not heavy tablet/phone users though...

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - Dean Roddey - 07-02-2016

I didn't do anything to break RIVA, so presumably it should still work once we figure out probably some little thing that is making it unhappy. The Windows one still works, so that shows that the RIVA server is still doing what it should basically.

We just need some clue as to what it's unhappy about.

OTOH, you could use RDP like some other folks are doing.

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - IVB - 07-02-2016

I don't care what mechanism, I just need a way to use CQC on an android. I don't use Windows clients. Is there any plans to support android, html5 or other?

Android RIVA Client: taRiva - DaveB - 07-02-2016

HTML5 is my vote and then do away with all the third party clients and updates that they need.