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Official 5.4 Beta Release Thread - Dean Roddey - 07-05-2018

This thread is not for discussion, so please don't post here. It is for official 5.3 beta release information. There is a separate sticky thread for discussion.


Latest Version: 5.3.902
Confidence Level: 98
Download Link:

The subsequent posts list changes in each beta version...

RE: Official 5.4 Release Thread - Dean Roddey - 08-09-2018

  • We need to provide more ability to track changes in customization content (macros, interfaces, actions, etc...) This requires some housekeeping info to be stored with these things. It isn't feasible to ad hoc this in each of the file formats we currently use for the various content types. So, painful though it will be, we need to come up with a simple but flexible file format that allows for extra info to be stored along with the actual raw data. That is step one in the process and is done. We have a new storage format that allows for a time stamp and arbitrary metadata values to be stored with the data in a generic way that can be used to generate reports, see what has changed since when and so forth.
  • Somewhere along the line, the Scintilla editor stopped correctly processing all of the Ctrl-shifted hot keys it supports internally. Ctrl-Shift-shifted works, but not Ctrl-shifted. I have no idea why. It would just insert a control character into the text instead. The only ones that worked were the ones that were in the IDE's accellerator table, so that it was making them happen from the outside. So I had to add the others (cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, and redo) to that table and do the same. Maybe some others will be found, but I think all of the generally used Ctrl-shifted ones are there now.
  • Add some new stats to the event system. Add one in the guts to count how many events have actually been received and published, and another in the event server that counts how many it has received. Any discrepancy between the two would indicate losses or multiple triggerings from a single trigger (bad dup rejection.) Also add one for outgoing event triggers that have been dropped due to the out going queue getting full. And add a bit more logging in these areas to help diagnose failures.
  • It turns out that, for our standard controls stuff, we are setting our default font in logical units, not in text points. This means we aren't getting DPI'd based on pixel density, so it can come out quite small. That can be chaned, however we are not yet marking ourself as high DPI aware, so we always get 96 DPI if we ask. That's fine for monitors generally, but for smaller RDP clients this can be an issue. So add an option to force the DPI we see for default font calculations (which drives the size of everything else.) This is still a bit experimental yet.
  • There is an issue in the event server that can, if it gets a fast blast of a fairly larger number of triggers, make it lock up the thread that handles triggered events so they stop working. Normally such a blast wouldn't occur unless there is something strange going on, but it could happen. Scheduled events continue to work.
  • In every thread that is constantly active, there's the threat that something could go wrong, so we want to log any exceptions caught. But they are constantly active so there's the risk that this could fill up the logs. So we haae various ad hoc schemes to try to limit log output. This is stupid, make a simple 'log limiter' class that standardizes this and use it instead.

RE: Official 5.4 Beta Release Thread - Dean Roddey - 08-11-2018

  • Add support for Just Add Power's serial passthrough. So it works like GC-100 ports. You can just define them in CQC and they will show up as available serial ports.
  • In the driver wizard's serial port config screen, show a warning to the user if its a type of serial port we cannot configure (GC-100, Just Add Power), telling them to do it via the device's admin interface.