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Backup without Stopping Service - RichardU - 02-13-2018

I know I'm supposed to stop the server to backup, but that's hardly set and forget. What happens if I backup without stopping the server? How much grief will that cause me during an restore (if one isĀ even possible)?

Thanks, Richard

RE: Backup without Stopping Service - Dean Roddey - 02-13-2018

It may or may not restore everything correctly. Though there's not necessarily constant file activity, it is going on at semi-random times. If you backup without stopping the app shell service, you could catch a file in the process of being updated, or one that is open for some length of time so it cannot be known when it will be in a consistent state, or multiple files that need to be updated together or not at all.

It's not highly likely you'd happen to catch a given file in one of those conditions, but it could happen.

If you want to get the really important stuff, that you know won't be in use (since it won't be unless you are editing them at that time), back up the \User sub-directories of the various directories under:


That's where your major configuration content is. That won't include some things things like what drivers to load and their install options and user accounts, and a few other bits and pieces. But that's not something that tends to change very often. For that you can stop the service and do a full backup. For ongoing customization, the User bits mentioned above are the big ticket items.

Unless you have them open in the Admin Intf, or no one is going to be trying to do so during the process, they are not going to be in use or being updated or anything like, and can be zipped up easily enough without causing problems and should be completely consistent.

But, ultimately, unless you are making customization and configuration changes, there's no need to continue to back up CQC. Nothing will be changing that's important.

RE: Backup without Stopping Service - RichardU - 02-13-2018

I'm in the midst of a lot of changes so it's on my mind. Thanks for the useful information.

RE: Backup without Stopping Service - batwater - 02-13-2018

How are you performing your backup?

RE: Backup without Stopping Service - RichardU - 02-14-2018

I've been playing with Duplicati, both on PCs and unRAID. So far so good. Figured I would try that.

RE: Backup without Stopping Service - znelbok - 02-14-2018

There was a scripts (vbs?) written a few years back to deal with the need to stop the service.

Stop the service, backup to zip,7z etc and then restart.

You can also do this with a batch file and a scheduled service if you want to get your command line guru on - I wrote one quickly for two systems I have to look after - Runs every Sunday night and backs up to a folder that google drive monitors so it gets backed up to the cloud as well.