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UI Suggestions - RichardU - 01-10-2018

In case you were looking for anything to do. 

1. It would be nice if the Edit Action window showed the name of the Action being edited.

2. Inside the edit area of the Edit Action window is a heading that says: Commands for this Event. Except it does not look like a heading. It looks like another command. I'm sure it doesn't throw you since you look at it every day, but a more causal user might see that and think it is something he can edit. Repeatedly. Three suggestions:
  • Move the heading "Commands for this Event" where it belongs outside the Edit window.
  • Get rid of it.
  • Make it look like "//Commands for this Event" so at least it looks like a comment. 

3. Finally, in the Manage Personal Variables window (insert variable) you have an ordered list with some one-digit index numbers and some two-digit index numbers. Therefore it sorts as:



Cheers, Richard

RE: UI Suggestions - Dean Roddey - 01-10-2018

I'll put those on the list. #2 is because it's a multi-column list box, and for whatever reason Windows doesn't color it any differently from the rest of the list box. It's the same in all of them, except that most have more than one column so it's more obvious.