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RE: Sony Bravia TV Driver - Dean Roddey - 06-10-2018

Well, keep in mind I mean all or nothing for each individual device class. If you can support any, then do it. Those aspects of the device will benefit from that, even if others don't. But most V2 drivers are combinations of V2 and V1 fields.

That's why device classes don't typically cover a whole device, but just aspects of a device. So, for instance, if you can just support audio, then that still means that anywhere that an Audio interface is accepted, this driver could be used for that. Supporting Power is very useful if you can, even if that's the only thing you can support and so forth.

RE: Sony Bravia TV Driver - znelbok - 06-10-2018

OK, That makes sense.

There should be a wider set of definitions for V1 as well. Lets take TV as this is what I am working on.

Power is usually always there
Source input is always there - (is it Source or Input - different authors will take different views)
Volume, Mute etc etc. If we all use the same field names it makes life a lot easier.

Even if the field is not available and thus not used, it should be defined for consistency across all drivers of that type.

Have you ever given thought to defining what fields should be used for drivers

RE: Sony Bravia TV Driver - Dean Roddey - 06-11-2018

V1 is what it is. That's not going to change. Any formal definitions for V1 would never be that useful since there will always be existing drivers out there that don't follow them. So you could never count on them.

So really V2 is where any such formal definitions would happen. We can of course add more formal V2 device classes. It has to be done carefully though, since they have be such that the bulk of devices could hope to meet the requirements, and that's often tough.

There are semantic field types of course, which V1 drivers can use. They provide some basic indication of what a field is. But V2 device classes are the only way to define groups of fields that work together to achieve some particular goal.