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  Aprilaire T-Stats Issues
Posted by: avtexan - 04-13-2018, 05:05 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (5)

I had been running the following on the V1 Aprilaire driver for some time:

8870 T-Stats (3)
8818 Distribution panel (1)
8061 Module (3)
8811 Protocal Adapter (1)
8051 Flushmount Temp Sensor (5)

On many occasions I had the driver lock and the tstats would lock on whatever condition that they were last in.
So if the A/C was running it would run no matter what the temp was.  If the system was off it would never run no matter the temp.
I would cycle power on the Distribution panel and then all would work again until it locked again.
It would run fine for days, weeks or months but would always lock at some point.

I started pausing the driver after I made an adjustment then I would un-pause when I needed to update and then re-pause when I was done.
Not ideal.

Has anybody else had similar issues?
Is the V2 version more stable?
I know these T-Stats are a little dated.  Should I punt and go with something else?

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  Dim over time
Posted by: potts.mike - 04-11-2018, 07:44 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (8)

Is there a good way to dim a light or group of lights over time? Say I want to dim my bedside lamps from 100% to 0% over 30 min.

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  HAI Driver Issue
Posted by: avtexan - 04-01-2018, 01:31 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (6)

I upgraded to 5.2.11 and my HAI driver is not working.
The Driver Status is: Wait to Connect

I know the IP is working on the HAI panel because I can see and control it form my phone app just fine.

I have an old V1 driver that connects fine.

I tried to reconfig the driver
I also tried to delete and start from scratch...no Joy


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  Helios vs Nest Hello
Posted by: ewiz - 03-30-2018, 01:52 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (3)

Hi all, I don't know whether to pay €1,200 and replace my 2N Helios Force which was recently fried by a lightning strike or just get a Nest Hello. Which would have the better CQC support. Thanks

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  remote iv install
Posted by: indygreg - 03-26-2018, 04:14 AM - Forum: Beta Discussions - Replies (6)

i am curious if you have ever considered adding a feature for systems to install off of the master?  these days most software just notifies you that it needs to update, downloads it's bits and installs.  i can see why we might not want to be nagged every time a new version is available but once i have installed the master it would be great if all my other systems could just pull their bits from it and update.  the iv already throws and error that it is out of sync with the master then i am running around to every tablet trying to surf the web with my clumsy fingers to find the thread with the latest version, etc.  seems fairly simple since the master already has the install downloaded.  at least for IV only systems.

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  New construction with a nice size budget. How would you do multizone audio?
Posted by: ghurty - 03-25-2018, 05:43 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (7)

New construction with a nice size budget. How would you do multizone audio? You would need to be able to control it all from one place, as well as have indiviudal controls in each room. Of course everything has to tie back into CQC.
Would you go with a sound card in the CQC server, or is there a dedicated hardware that you would use?


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  Alexa can't load configuration
Posted by: mattheinrich - 03-24-2018, 08:23 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

Some background.  I had Alexa and CQC working a few weeks back.  Had a problem with my windows VM and had to restore back to a time before Alexa and CQC was configured.  I'm now trying to do all the configurations again.  Theoretically, everything on the Amazon side should be good, so started by creating the EchoCfg.Txt file.  When I ask Alexa to "Alexa, tell CQC to Load Configuration", I get "sorry, I don't know that". 

At that point, I started from scratch loading my javascript handler and skills, linked both, and updated the key in my config....but same problem, can't load the configuration.


5 minutes later, Interestingly, I can go into the Service Simulator on the Alexa Skills page and tell CQC to load configuration and it's successful.

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  "The Ark"
Posted by: indygreg - 03-23-2018, 10:00 AM - Forum: User Systems - Replies (3)

i did a home theater a few years ago with cqc so it was a natural for me to use on this project.  i LOVE this van.  you can buy custom sprinter vans but they cost 150K and don't do all the cool stuff that you can do with a DIY build.  we don't camp so this is really for road trips, tailgating and as it turns out, it is becoming my daily driver.  my last child is moving to college next year and we have learned that teenagers are like wild animals - if you put out food they all show up.  so we go to every purdue game and put on our best tailgates and we are meeting all of our son's friends.  next year both our boys will be there.  

so i started by ordering a 2017 ford transit cargo van with windows all around.  bare metal inside.  maxed out dual rear wheel 10K lb GVWR.  this thing is huge and big enough to stand up in but it still fits in a standard parking spot.  it is basically an F350 pickup and drives very easily.  and i am 8' 11" so i get through most driveups.

[Image: IMG_0019.JPG?dl=1]

mounted 400lbs of batteries underneath in a metal box i had fabricated.

[Image: IMG_0164.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0331.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0335.JPG?dl=1]

Then built a frame with insulated black and grey tanks that have temp sensors, level sensors, electric valves, heaters and a macerator pump (all of which i can control with cqc).

[Image: IMG_0459.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0462.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0469.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0475.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0477.JPG?dl=1]

Then inside the van there is a couch which contains the plumbing and fresh water tank in an insulated cavity.  the plumbing has a compressor and a set of valves that allow me to automatically blow the water lines out when needed.  

[Image: IMG_0381.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0158%281%29.jpg?dl=1]

installed some comfortable seats
[Image: IMG_0144.JPG?dl=1]

doing some woodworking as a hobby i pimped out the inside and set it up for tailgating
[Image: IMG_0753.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0755.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0162%281%29.jpg?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0695.JPG?dl=1]

oh and solar panels on the roof

[Image: IMG_0653.JPG?dl=1]

and finally, the part we are actually here to talk about is the cqc automation.  i used a couple modbus controllers connected to a minipc installed in the back so that i have lots of relay outputs and sensor inputs.  the van has a soho wireless hub on board with a tmobile mifi 4G modem so when i am home it connects to the house network and when i am traveling it connects to tmobile.  

[Image: IMG_0372.JPG?dl=1]

[Image: IMG_0378.JPG?dl=1]

then set up touchscreens to control everything

[Image: cqcmainscreen.jpg?dl=1]

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  Cloud-Enabled Drivers
Posted by: jkmonroe - 03-23-2018, 09:54 AM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (5)

Dean, do you have a list of the public API sites that the shipped drivers use to call into?

Nest, for example, has to talk to the Nest servers - so somewhere there is a list of what servers at Nest it uses.

I am severely limiting the amount of outgoing traffic on my network and will be forcing all of my users through WebRIVA.  Part of this is to make 1:1 ACL for various services, so our example of Nest would have *only* my CQC IP able to speak to the Nest servers.  Basically anything that hits a public set of servers will get this sort of limit.

It would be great if you could put that information into the driver itself, so when we install a driver we can immediately see where it goes.

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  Can't find CQCServer
Posted by: pjgregory - 03-23-2018, 04:01 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (12)

I seem to have developed some form of driver corruption on one of my client machines - VETINARY.  The admin interface shows two drivers installed, but both are shown in red.  One is just a CQC Var driver so it should always be connected.  I have tried installing new drivers on this machine, but I get a message saying that the "new configuration has been stored, but driver failed to load to target host". The log shows that the CQCServer canot be contacted.   I get the same message if I try to reconfigure one of the drivers.   I have attached the log file.

Windows task manager shows both CQCServer and CQCGWSrv running.  I have tried deleting the CQC installation on VETINARY and re-installing 5.2.10 from scratch  and re-booting the master server, but the problem remains.   Drivers on other machines are working normally as far as I can tell.


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