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  CQC Voice
Posted by: zane - 10-13-2017, 05:27 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (3)

good evening all,

I need some assistance on configuring Zira to control music. She keeps telling me music isn't configured for the masters room. How do I configure her? she does tell me the time and date when I ask.

thank you

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  A word of warning regarding the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Posted by: Mark Stega - 10-11-2017, 12:43 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (40)

I updated to what is supposed to be the RTM candidate for the next version of Windows 10 (10.0.16299.15) which is heading for GA next week..

On restart CQC grabbed 100% of the CPU (pretty evenly split among the CQC and CID processes). It took 10 minutes to get to the task manager and I was able to kill the processes.

I tried cqcnettest but all it does is output the copyright message and then exits.

I am guessing some sort of network oddity as when I pinged what should have been a local system I saw:
>ping beachfield-t61p
Pinging Beachfield-t61p.lifebridgehealth.org [92.242.xxx.xxx] with 32 bytes of data:
4 Request timed out messages.

To add insult to injury, MS SQL Server is consuming 35% of CPU resources.

Further, remote desktop fails after connecting to Windows 10 clients in about 15 seconds. It succeeds with Windows Server 2008 & 2012, & 2003 clients.

I am reverting to the previous Windows version and will put updates on hold.

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  Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 10-11-2017, 11:06 AM - Forum: Beta Discussions - Replies (99)

This thread is for discussing the 5.3 betas. To start off with, here are some options for what we might do for 5.3. Once we choose what to do, this thread will be to report bugs, discuss options, etc...

Obvious Things

Some of the things we need to do are obvious and will definitely be done unless something very unexpected happens to prevent it, and even then that would only likely delay it somewhat because these are no-brainers.

New Z-Wave Driver

Finish the work on the new Z-Wave driver, the native Z-Stick one. It's well along already but it wasn't ever going to make it in time for 5.2, so I left it alone while finishing up WebRIVA stuff and other pre-5.2 release busy-work. Getting this guy done will mean we can (I hope) never have to write another Z-Wave driver again. Probably about the time I finish it, Z-Wave will go defunct or something. Not that I'd cry about that.

Possible Big Ticket Items

These seem fairly obvious to me, but if folks can make compelling arguments for other things we can add those to the list. I think that all of these are mutually exclusive, i.e. any one of them one be the one tanker sized feature for the next release, when combined with the Z-Wave driver above and a few smaller things. So anything else would be smaller stuff in addition to that and one of these.

Take the next step on CQC Voice.

Most likely that would be to update it to support multiple mics in a single room. It would run parallel recognition engines from each mic and using a 'voting mechanism' to work out the most likely best match to what was spoken. That serves two purposes. In large rooms it means more coverage, though the distance may mean that effectively only one mic ever has a good read. In smaller rooms it means higher accuracy since there's more likely to be a mic closer to you and pointing towards your face.

This doesn't mean you can just use regular mics, they still need to be array mics to be of much use. This isn't creating a DSP based scheme to do off axis noise rejection. All that still needs to be done in the mics. If you want something like that, buy a conference room DSP system and then you can send it multiple mics and it will do the mic array thing and you can then feed that one resulting audio feed to CQC Voice.

This will be annoying work, but nothing doctoral thesis-like. Everything is there except for the voting scheme. It's just a matter of adjusting the architecture to support more than one per mic. 

And of course just generally improve it while we have the chance as we are going back through it all.

Finish RTP Work, Then SIP/SDP

I have a lot of an implementation of RTP done already from a while back. I was successfully transmitting CD audio to VLC player as a test. We'd be able to send/receive audio between CQC and any RTP enabled device. That would be the basis for a lot of other possible bits, some listed below. This wouldn't be a full on implementation initially. it would probably support CD audio and a couple of the obvious voice audio codec formats. Others could be added over time if needed.

Once we have RTP, then we can implement SIP/SDP. That means we can then send and receive SIP calls. That includes not just phones but other things like SIP based intercom systems and doorbell intercoms and stuff like that. So we could basically implement an intercom engine that should work with most any other SIP based intercoms, and of course amongst our own machines thusly configured.

As far as phones themselves go, CQC could call you and tell you things if you wanted it to. CQC could send you SIP based IMs. CQC could initiate SIP calls for you and act as the phone itself. You just tell it what mic input and audio output to use.

In a subsequent release we could add some extra bits and you could call up CQC on the phone and speak to CQC Voice to tell it to do things. Recognition accuracy should be good since there's no distant recognition concern in that case.

Take a Huge Media Leap

OR, we could concentrate on a big leap forward in media support. There'd be a lot to be said about that. We could basically take our CQSL repo and turn into something much more like J.River/DVD Profiler, but still with all of the advantages of being tightly integrated that our repo has now.

We would find some new metadata sources that will allow us to deal with individual tracks, and we do a major rework on the repo manager to make it vastly better, and more in line with similar products. It won't end up being quite as extensive as J.River or DVD Profiler, which are kind of overkill for most folks, but it will be a lot closer to those, i.e. completely usable, but retaining all it's current integration benefits.

It would still support CD ripping, but would also become open to files added from the outside, which it would watch for via file system changes and show you as new files and let you check the metadata and then add them once you are happy with them. It would also support at least one new code, like FLAC perhaps, maybe a couple more.

It would allow for a number of options as to file layout, so that it could work with other products as desired. I.e. movies could be stored in the way that Plex wants them, music files stored in a way that some other player system wants them.

The goal would be to get to a point where, for most folks, they wouldn't feel the need for a third party tool.

Or, Some other Single Big Ticket Item?

Those are some obvious things that come to mind for me in terms of where I think that we might now benefit from some new capabilities or where parts of CQC have gotten old and could use a face lift.

Medium Sized Bits

In terms of less galactic things, we might consider some things like below. One or two of these may be doable in conjunction with one of the above big ones.

  • A hard wired alternative CAB (i.e. not configurable) that works like something like Plex's interface, in that tiled cover art sort of scheme.
  • Maybe do the work required to get media fully under voice control. That would only be practical currently under the Echo scheme.
  • Some big bang for the buck expansion of the auto-gen system, maybe support for web cams.
  • An 'exception' mechanism for actions in the IV, i.e. an OnError handler that gets called if an error occurs in any user driven action in the IV, so that you can display a custom error display and/or take remedial action.
  • Geolocation support in WebRIVA.

Future Thinking

Things we might start thinking about and discussing and exploring during the next release cycle for the one after that.
  • Some thoughts maybe about learning capabilities to figure out what you want and do it for you. This is a tricky thing and could become more annoying than useful. But, it's sort of the hype du jour right now.

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  Deep Neural Networks
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 10-09-2017, 12:03 PM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (2)

So I’ve been watching some stuff the last few nights before going to sleep about deep neural networks, to get a feel for how we might make use of that sort of thing.
I have a fairly good feeling for what’s going on with them now, and it’s pretty cool. But, even though I feel like I could code that sort of thing, and there are some libraries becoming available that use GPU resources very effectively to make it practical to do larger ones, in the end it all sort of becomes useless for most things because the datasets required to train them are enormous and likely none such exist in the wild for anything beyond the obvious stuff (like character recognition and a few other things, where there are some openly available data sets.) And some of them are petabytes in size, since you need hundreds of millions of samples to feed one to really get high quality recognition from them. So if each sample is an image, that adds up.
And to get that sort of sample set for a broad range of spoken words as WAVs (for speech recognition training), that would be crazy, and probably anyone who has such a set isn’t going to share it since it’s a huge advantage for them. So big companies like Amazon or Google can afford to pay tens of thousands of people with different accents to speak thousands of words and record them, but no one else could do that.
The thing is, someone could just make the final trained neuron layers and their weights available and that could be used to create a working DNN, but that’s even less likely I guess since it’s giving away the family jewels. It’s really interesting that, after feeding in all that info, it comes down to a set of very simple data values, basically how many layers, how many neurons in each layer, and the weightings for each neuron’s connection to each other neuron in the next layer. I’m sure some other housekeeping and optimization stuff can be part of it, but ultimately that’s what all that training generates, and any required housekeeping/optimization stuff needed by the engine you use could probably be generated after the fact if you just got all the weightings.
OTOH, it does seem like that should mean that some large companies who could get access to the required training data sets, should then be able to build a small box that has some good GPU or DSP boards, and a burned in data set of the weighting info, and do high quality, all local speech recognition. If it required having all that sample data it would be a joke, but the actual weighting data required, though not trivial, is hardly massive by modern standards, and general purpose GPUs should provide enough power. The DNN algorithms are very amenable to the sort of massively parallel processing that modern GPUs are good at.
I'm kind of amazed that someone hasn't done it already. Of course someone like Microsoft could provide that functionality in Windows by shipping the trained DNN and the libraries to process it on the local GPU, but I guess it would be competitive with Cortana which is probably implemented in the same way. 

Anyway, just rambling. Given the training data set requirements, at least for anything we'd likely want to do, I don't see any reason at the moment to dig deeper, other than for my own interest maybe. Anything simple enough that we could do it via DNN we could do easier just via algorithmic means as well most likely.

In theory I guess I could see some sort of use for it to look at the state of devices and in some way correlate that to some particular situation that is meaningful to you, and learn over time what it should do in response. But, that would require that you do a lot of training of it, telling it, this current system state corresponds to situation X. If you didn't regularly do that, then there's no training going on.

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Posted by: pinballmark - 10-08-2017, 09:36 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

Where exactly does this folder exist? Doing a forum search gives no results.

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  CQC fresh install
Posted by: kfly - 10-07-2017, 05:32 AM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (12)

(feel free to vote me off the CQC island If I suck up too much time here)

Now that I am totally WebRiva had a chance to do  a fresh install(CQC 5.1.911) on my dev test PC that has never had a CQC server installed. 
    ·        No previous installation was found (New)
    ·        Master server/single machine install  (Next)

two issues:
Uninstall issue:
·        Uninstall did not stop tray icon.
       Left the CQC/Bin and Tray mon + Dll’s. 
·        Batch  file to remove all files  gets error after you say yes. “The batch file cannot be found” 
      Although it seems to work.(unless you have tray icon running)

Install issue:
(see attached).
When I do a fresh install I cannot add any devices in admin screen. (everything else seems to work)
Tried install with all new ports and with NIC card disabled so it wouldn't' conflict with my main master server.
Any clue for me to look for cause of this Admins is not in scope error?

10/07 09:15:17-Kevin-HomePC, CIDNameSrv, CIDOrbSrvWorkThread_2
    CIDOrbUC, CIDNameSrv_Impl.cpp.259, Failed/Type Match, Error: 4600/0/0
    '/CQC/CQCServer/Admins' is not a scope, it is a binding node
      <CIDNameSrv> CIDNameSrv_Impl.cpp - 303
      <CIDNameSrv> CIDOrb_ThisFacility.cpp - 536
      <CQCAdmin> CIDOrbUC_NameSrvClientProxy.cpp - 218
      <CQCAdmin> CQCTreeBrws_DevicesBrws.cpp - 939
      <CQCAdmin> CIDCtrls_ExceptDlg.cpp - 55

Attached Files
.txt   CIDLog.Txt (Size: 5.19 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Google backup and sync and CQC
Posted by: kfly - 10-06-2017, 06:16 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (4)

Quick question. After waiting years google finally released the new google drive(Google backup and sync) that allows backing up files automatically that are not in the google drive path(yea).
It is a great way for me to automatically backup my CQC files with a 30 day history. 

I use it to backup my Bin and CQCData directories but everytime I upgrade CQC I need to re-setup Google backup and sync for those directories even though the directory name is the same.

My question(and no need to look into on your end to fix).
How does the CQC installer put files into "Bin" and "CQCData" when upgrading?  Do you rename/move directory then re-create and populate the directory? Or just install over current location?
Before I send email off to google wanted to understand a little more how the CQC installer does the files upgrade.
Thanks again

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  Moving drivers to another machine (or renaming a machine)
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 10-04-2017, 11:57 AM - Forum: CQC Support - No Replies

Occasionally you may move a CQC installation to another machine and not give that new machine the same name as the old one. That could be the MS or some secondary server. Prior to 5.0, the configuration for which drivers should load on a particular machine was stored on that machine. So it made no difference if the new one had the same name as the old one. The background service would start up and look at his local driver configuration, and load those drivers.

As of 5.0 and forward, all of the driver configuration is on the MS. And part of the configuration for each driver is which machine (by name) that driver is to load on. When a given CQC enabled machine comes up, if driver support is enabled there, it goes to the MS and asks if there are any drivers configured for it. If so, it loads those drivers.

This means that, in the situation where you rename a machine or move the CQC installation on that machine to another one with a different name, the drivers no longer automatically come forward. They are configured to load on the old machine by name.

Obviously we didn't want you to have to manually remove the drivers from one machine and reload them on another, so we provided a mechanism to 'move' the drivers. If you right click on a machine name in the /Devices section of the Admin Interface's browser tree, there is an option there called Change Server. This will let you choose another CQC enabled machine (that has driver support enabled.) If you make the selection, it will update those drivers to be configured to load on the new machine, and tell that new guy to load up those drivers.

* This same mechanism also works if you just want to move the drivers on one machine to another, both of which are still active. It will unload the drivers from their current machine, update the configuration, then tell the new machine to load up any new drivers that have been moved to it.

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  Simple check before setting Elk M1 to Arm State
Posted by: KenC - 10-03-2017, 12:31 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (7)

Using CQC version 5.1.0 w/ Elk M1 version 5.3.10 & Elk Driver version 2.21.

When Alexa/Echo hears, set Alarm to "Stay Mode", a Global Action trigger checks to see if system is ready to arm....
a) If not, voice response is "system not ready to arm", or
b) If ready, then a Stay command is sent to Elk controller.

Need some assistance, since structure below doesn't work, and tried various ways,  but no luck.    However, If I remove all the checking parts up front to validate if system is ready, the system sends out the stay command to Elk.   Don't know how to read a driver field for a given state in text form, and then have system respond w/ a given action if it matches.  Below is what I tried...  thanks, Ken

    P3=Not Ready To Arm

    P2=Not Ready To Arm
    P3=No Case

    P2=The alarm system is not ready to arm


    P3=No Case

    P2=ArmArea:CraftHome, Stay, 003456



    P2=The alarm system is setting to %(LVar:CQCActParm_2) mode

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  CQC weather
Posted by: zane - 10-02-2017, 08:07 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (5)

I'm having a bit of an issue getting the weather template to work.
I did a upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1. the weather was working on 5.0. I did verify the pws for Colorado springs and it did pull the .json currently using my id. I am running cqc on windows server 2016.
I also treid installing cqc trial on another windows 10 laptop just to see if the issue was server related. but the weather template wouldn't work on the laptop either. I am using auto-gen templets on both machines. I was thinking maybe the firewall was blocking cqc so I allowed it to see the outside.  any ideas what would be going on here.

thank you

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