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  Issues after fall Windows updates
Posted by: Ron Haley - 10-24-2017, 05:18 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (3)

A couple of days ago, I upgraded win10 from a 15xx version to a 17xx.  As soon as it was complete, my machine was a disaster.  Machine continually hung between mouse movements etc.  Couldn't do anything. 

So I did a clean install of win 10, rebuilding my main apps, namely Plex and my web site.  Machine running great for half a day, so decided to tackle CQC.  Upgraded to what was the standard version on the site, looked like 5.2.  Machine reverted to the same behavior I experienced prior to clean install.  Rebooted, same issue.  Uninstalled CQC, everything is good.   Both this current release and the prior (a 5.0 dot release I believe)  don't work well with the newer 17xx version of win10.  I'm not sure I can help debug, because as soon as I install CQC, it all turns to s**t!

Any ideas?


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  Odd behavior of Admin interface
Posted by: Mark Stega - 10-22-2017, 07:33 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

Yesterday I was administering my production system and started the admin interface and had the prompt dialog for registration. I got sidetracked and came back to the system today (with the prompt still up for registration 12 or so hours later), went through the registration, and then the login failed. No matter which CQC user/password that I tried I couldn't get past the login. I gave up, rebooted the system, came back to the admin interface and no issue logging in.

[Edit] Made it clear that the prompt for registration sat there for 12+ hours.

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  Vantage Controls Driver for Infusion System
Posted by: KenC - 10-21-2017, 03:08 PM - Forum: Driver Development - Replies (3)

Does anyone have a driver developed for the Vantage System using the InFusion controller?   The current Vantage Q-Link driver in CQC is only a serial driver and uses the old V-Commands.    

The Infusion controller is TCP/IP and uses "Host Commands" (similar to V-Commands).  Example: a button press & release would be ASCII.... BTN <button VID>.  The VID is a Vantage ID number, and everything in Vantage has a VID number; i.e., loads, buttons, programs, thermostats, infra-red, output contacts, etc.

I used a Telnet session connect to the controller IP/port and was able to send... BTN 2765 and hit CR, and the system turned on my light.

Please let me know if there is one already, or if this might be in development.


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  Simple field change trigger action
Posted by: Bugman - 10-21-2017, 10:40 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (15)

Dean: Trying to use a field trigger, but can't get it to go.

What I wish to accomplish is having my hue lights come up when the XBMC driver Playmode field is "Paused".

I have enabled the field trigger to send trigger on any field change. That works fine with the following output.

TIME: 14:20:16

I have configured a triggered event as such:

Is Field Changed For      Field:  XBMC.Playmode
Fld Value Equals             Field:  XBMC.Playmode
                                        Comp Val: Paused

The action just turns on the lights. 

So far no joy. Likely missing something obvious (to someone who knows what they are doing Blush

In the meantime, this pops up in the logs

10/21 14:37:00-zotac, CQCServer, CQCDrv_XBMCThread27
    CQCKit, MEng.System.CQC.Runtime.CQCLogger.128, Status/App Status
    EvalJSON: Exception 2 - Can't convert '' to a MEng.Card4 binary form, Cmd=Player.GetProperties

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  Logitech Media Server/squeezebox driver freezes Admin interface
Posted by: lleo - 10-20-2017, 12:04 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (7)

I just upgraded to 5.2 from 5.1.904 beta, and noticing a bad lock-up whenever I open the Logitech Media Server beta driver, version 3.82, in the Administrative interface.
Other drivers I have do not cause this.
The only way I can get out this condition is by force-close the administrative interface.
There is nothing logged in the logs, and the Logitech Media Server works fine on its own, and plays music.
Nothing changed on my end from before the upgrade, maybe something under the hood changed that makes this driver to freeze.
Any idea how to troubleshoot this?

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  UPB PIM - Simply Automated vs PulseWorx
Posted by: batwater - 10-19-2017, 12:27 PM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (2)

From a thread on Cocoontech someone recommended the PulseWorx PIM over the SA PIM as it has a "much stronger signal."  Is the PulseWorx PIM even compatible with CQC or is the driver written specifically to the SA PIM?


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  Official 5.3 Release Thread
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 10-17-2017, 07:13 PM - Forum: Beta Discussions - No Replies

This thread is not for discussion, so please don't post here. It is for official 5.3 beta release information.


Latest Version: [No betas yet]
Confidence Level: N/A
Download Link: N/A

The subsequent posts list changes in each beta version...

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  music & movie driver experiences and or suggestions
Posted by: zane - 10-15-2017, 08:34 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

Hi all,

     I'm just curious of what Repo, Rend and player is everyone using for their music and movies.
I'm currently using CQC iTunes drivers for music. Is their better CQC driver options that you guys have experienced?
what CQC drivers are you guys also using for movies?

thank you

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  Version 5.2 is released
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 10-15-2017, 03:59 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Oct 15, 2017 - CQC Version 5.2 Released

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd. is proud to announce the release of version 5.2 of their CQC automation platform. With the enormous 5.0 release, we massively revamped our administrative UI. In 5.1 we addressed more voice control options and web cameras. For this release our major focus has been on non-Windows touch screen support, bringing CQC touch screen interfaces to more platforms, much more cleanly.  

The more significant changes in this version are:

WebRIVA. Over the last number of years, CQC touch screen support on non-Windows clients was provided by a couple third party products for Android and iOS, which were based on our RIVA system (Remote Interface Viewer Architecture.) However, support for those product had waned, and improvements were difficult to implement, so we wanted to bring that functionality in-house. After much debate we decided to implement a browser based RIVA client.

WebRIVA is the result, and it is a significant improvement in our non-Windows client support. Since it is all in-house now we were able to make significant improvements in the features and performance of the RIVA system, and of course we can now support any client with a sufficiently modern browser, not just Android and iOS. So this is a huge step forward for us.

More Help. In 5.0 we completely reworked the help system, into a much nicer HTML format that ships with CQC. In 5.1 that work continued, bringing over the device support documentation. For 5.2 we have again significantly improved the HTML help, with much better layering of information detail to make it easier for those new to CQC to work their way into the product.

There are now three main levels: Big Picture, More Details, and Reference. The More Details section contains the old Big Picture content largely, and a new Big Picture section was created which is a much bigger big picture, at a significantly higher level, with plenty of links to more information.

Device Support. We've added support for the Monoprice Blackbird 4x4 matrix switcher, we updated the Nest driver to support the new Eco modes and home/away status for structures, and we added support for the Lutron Caseta system.

Try It

You can download the new version via the home page of the web site, and try it out unencumbered for 40 days. So you can know for sure whether it meets your needs before you commit.

Existing customers covered under the maintenance system can upgrade at their convenience.

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  Mic for CQC Voice and other misc Q's
Posted by: znelbok - 10-14-2017, 09:00 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (5)

Whats everyone using for CQC Voice in the way of mic's

I know the Kinect works from reading and I can find them for round $50but the issue I see then is that they are needing a PC close by.

Is there a mic that is network based or something else that is more suitable for room install?

Does this PC with the mic connected need to be running a CQC server?

Running through some ideas and possible options it would be great if the CQC Voice server could be ported to ARM to allow a Raspberry Pi to connect to the Kinect (or other USB based mic) and then it would be a networked device.

I'd love to see a porting of the deivce server as well so that a Pi could be used in remote locations - keep it really simple, just the bare basics of a device server that is configured by the master server and has no Gui or headend, just some basic command lines for config.

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