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  FS: Autopatch Matrix Switches
Posted by: CJO - 07-17-2006, 06:56 AM - Forum: Buy/Sell - Replies (9)

I got my Autopatch units in and checked them out. I'm keeping one and have already sold one, but still have the remaining left:

1- Autopatch 40x24 8Y-XL with 400 MHz (ultra-high bandwidth) video inputs and outputs. The 8Y-XL is basically the big brother to the 4YDM. This unit would be great for any video or digital coaxial audio application. It can handle resolutions of up to 1600x1200 from your computer, 1080p HDTV, and of course composite and s-video. $800
All 3 Sold

2- Autopatch 40x24 8Y-XL with 40 MHz (standard) video inputs and ouputs. The standard outputs are made to handle composite video, s-video and digital coaxial audio signals. $600
One Sold, One available

1- Autopatch 8x8 4YDM with 40 MHz (standard) video input and outputs as well as stereo audio inputs and outputs. $400

These units are configured as secondary enclosures. If you are not using them with another enclosure, you will have to change the eprom to a master eprom. The cost of this is $60 + shipping from autopatch. If you'd like, I can order one and install it for you for $100. The units do not have a front control panel, but can be controlled using CQC, or your computer, or by using another serial control system, such as Crestron or AMX. I will also modify the configuration file for how you plan to have your system set up.

More information on the 8Y-XL's can be found here:

More information on the 4YDM can be found here:

Please contact me for pricing if you are interested.


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  Wish: Manifest GUI
Posted by: Squintz - 07-16-2006, 12:47 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (25)

While we are all on the topic of XML formats and creating XML programs. I would really like to have a GUI for creating Manifest files. It shouldnt be too hard to do. I would try and make one but I have enough on my plate already.

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  PDA/Pocket PC Setup
Posted by: milehighautomation - 07-15-2006, 10:12 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (13)


I'm pretty sure PDA's are compatible with CQC, but can't seem to find much information as to how they are configured.

Is there a post or tech sheet on this? I have CQC fully up and running on my PC (and loving it), and want to be able to control my home from my Dell Axim with WIFI and running Windows Mobile 2005.

Do I install client software on the PDA, browse to a website, something else?



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  CQC 1.6.21 Posted (and CQC Hits a Hundred)
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 07-15-2006, 07:56 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd is proud to announce the 1.6.21 release of CQC (the Charmed Quark Controller), its software-based control and automation system.

Charmed Quark System's automation products provide robust, flexible, and cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems. It is available in various configurations, which will scale to meet your needs, whether large or small, open or secure, the home theater or the whole home. Build your own hardware, or use our pre-built systems. Do it yourself or pair up with one of our integration partners, whatever fits your needs and budget.

Because this release includes an important bug fix, it is highly recommended that all CQC users upgrade to this version.

CQC Reaches 100

Not 100 years old of course, though we may occasionally look it. Rather, as of this release, CQC includes exactly 100 device drivers, a level of device support that has grown tremendously over the last year, and which continues to pick up speed. From amplifiers to automation panels, projectors to processors, changers to contact closures, and sprinklers to set top boxes, all our device drivers are available 'out of the box', for no extra charge, a substantial cost benefit relative to some competing products.

What's New

Version 1.6.21 is a 'patch' release that provides one important bug fix plus some nice new device drivers. It's unlikely that most users would experience the problem fixed in this patch, but upgrading will insure that they do not. The primary new arrivals in this release are:

  • New Drivers. This release includes new drivers for the Yamaha RX-V1500 A/V receiver, an uber-driver for the whole line of Integra A/V receivers, the Denon 2807 A/V receiver, and the SMS messaging driver which allows you to send/receive SMS messages in CQC.
  • Improved Drivers.. The Runco VX-1000 and timer channel drivers we both substantially upgraded for this release.
  • Bug Fixes. This is only one substantial bug fix in this release, which deals with a possible configuration repository corruption under some circumstances. A smaller bug was fixed with respect to the installer correctly removing the CQC background service if a newly selected set of applications to be installed don't require it anymore.

Give it a Whirl

The product is available in a 30 day unencumbered form, so you can use it to its fullest extent during that time, in order to see if it works for you. If you decide to buy, you can just license your existing installation, so that you won't have any interruption of your work done during the trial period. To download the installer, click the Try/Buy tab of the main web site menu, or the Try It button in the upper right hand corner.

Then go to the Learn tab of the web site, and select the Quick Tutorial link, which will talk you through the whole process. You might want to go through the Using CQC section first (also under the Learn tab), but if you are a hands on person you can just dive right in and come back to the Using CQC section later.

Our license is a site license, and all our device drivers are part of the package. So there's just one base package and a few optional packages to choose from. You can then run the client services on any other devices in your home network that you choose.

* There are two versions of the CQC product, a DIY version and a professionally installed version. The DIY version is available for purchase on the web site, and at a very reasonable price, in an 'as is' format, with best effort support provided purely through the CQC support forum. The professionally installed version is only available via Charmed Quark's Integration Partners.

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  Geeks.com P4 for $219
Posted by: IVB - 07-14-2006, 05:47 AM - Forum: Buy/Sell - Replies (7)

Geeks.com has an INtel P4 2.4GHz, 512MB, 38GB, XP Pro for $219.

Just picked one up to replace my VAIO.

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  JRiver Media Server should not be necessary for existing ripped files
Posted by: stefand - 07-14-2006, 12:31 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (100)

I must be missing something here.
I am an iTunes user and have a large collection of music files, well tagged.
I guess I am not alone, since iTunes is free, and is available for Win and Mac.
In order to get my music into CQC, here is what I have to do:
- Buy JRiver Media Server (USD40), a large and complex program.
- Import my music into JR, and export the library into XML
- Fix up any invalid characters (usually from the comments or lyrics tags) in the XML file
- Load the Library into CQC JR driver.

If I add a file to my iTunes, I have to do the whole thing again.

Why don't you specify the format of the XML you are looking for?
I could write a simple command line program that takes a iTunes XML file and massages it into the requested format.
I would also leave out any unnecessary tags, since that just eats up space and memory. [ For example, who cares about the Sample Rate tag when you cannot query it in CQC.


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  Web Server, in at the deep end now!
Posted by: simon - 07-12-2006, 02:49 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (17)

Now I have my movies and CD's sorted, I want to set up web page access.
I have read the .pdf, think I understand the basics.

As I cannt be the first to want to do this, are there cml macros for the basics like weather, movie that I can download?

As I saw mentioned in another post, the manuals are very good, but I need to see examples to understand how to put it all together.


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  Just read the CQC Driver Dev Docs!
Posted by: Squintz - 07-11-2006, 05:43 PM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (27)

Just taking a breath!

I started of the other day with the idea that...If I want to become a pro installer of CQC then I better buckle down and really learn this software inside and out.

So I figured I would go back to my roots. My first Home Automation software was HS which required me to learn Visual Basic Scripting. I have always had an interest and programming so I have years of self taught experience. But VBScript was not one of my languages. Thankfully, Electron from CocoonTech.com wrote a tutorial on "How To Parse a Web Page using VBScript. This was a really simple example and an easy to follow tutorial. So now that I have droped HS and have been living by CQC I figured I would go back to my roots and convert Electrons VBScript tutorial into an Equivalent CQC CML tutorial while teaching my self how to use CML.

What I have learned in a nutshell is that CML is a totally differnt beast. It is nice for its purpose but the syntax and naming conventions are way differnt than VBScript or C# or Java. But once I buckled down and started looking at the language reference for CML and started finding the equivalent objects and methods it all started to make sense.

I feel now that I at least have a basic grasp of the CML Syntax. The naming conventions are still far from stuck in my memory. As some of you may have saw, I wrote a macro and after posting it on the forums Dean had told me there is a better way to do the macro. I must say that it kinda discouraged me for the rest of the day.

This morning I woke up and decided that I was calling out of work. I took sick leave so that I could stay home and change the thermostat on my wifes car. It kept overheating. So that fix only took a few minutes which left me with the rest of the day(minus the time for scream kids) to think about my next move. So I decided to RTFM(Read the Fabulous Manual). I totally skiped over the PDL part of the manual. I read all of the introduction stuff and all of the CML Driver stuff. I actually think that I have a good understanding of how CQC works now. I guess I better mention that this is the third time I read the manual. But this time a understood it and did not fall asleep.

So my next step is to do two things. First I am going to tear apart the NetCallerID driver by Andy Swingler (originally by Rohan Hamer) and I am going to go back to referencing the CML Class Reference Guide to see why the are using certain classes and what those classes are for. Once I am done that I should have a good grasp on how to write a Serial Driver and I will probably jump back to that How to Parse a Web Page tutorial so that I can help others out who want to learn amd hopefully by then I will have a clue as to what Dean was talking about in my other thread. Then from there I might try writing a Driver for a BetaBrite which is a LED Marquee Sign. They are a little pricey ($150) but maybe by next payday I can afford one.

Hope I did not bore anyone too much. I just needed to share what I did today with someone and my wife just is not interested Smile

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  NetworX NX-8E Driver Available for Testing
Posted by: jscheller - 07-04-2006, 11:18 AM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (34)

Hi All -

I've attached to this post a ZIP file containing a driver pack and HTML documentation file for a GE/InterlogiX/Caddx NetworX NX-8E driver for CQC.

I've been working on this for a couple of weeks and it seems stable enough to get out there for a little bit of feedback. Please reply here and I'll monitor this thread. I'll do my best to answer any questions and make fixes as required.

The automation stuff is all tons of fun, but when you start interfacing life safety systems to your computer it gets a little more serious. I'm using this software here so I'm working hard to make it reliable, but I obviously can't test your security configuration here. I also am working from relatively limited documentation from GE on the controller itself, so there's some risk associated with knowing exactly what the panel's doing in response to the driver talking to it. And, I may just not know what I'm doing in general. Because of these concerns, I'm sharing this driver with you on an "as-is" and "use at your own risk" basis.

Thanks to everybody recently who's answered all my oddball questions to help get this done...

Talk to you soon,


Attached Files
.cqcdrvpack   NetworxNX8E.CQCDrvPack (Size: 13.03 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  How big is your...
Posted by: noone289 - 06-28-2006, 10:16 AM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (29)

wiring closet

I'm trying to decide where to put my structured wiring and distributed a/v components and thought a poll might start me in the right direction. If you like, mark what you have but comment on what you would want. Location (i.e. basement, living floors, attic) and equipment (i.e. security, htpc, a/v equipment, lighting, etc.) might be helpful, too if you feel like it. Either way, thanks for playing.

This is cross posted on CocoonTech and AVS Forums so if you belong to one of those, sorry. I just wanted everyone to have a chance to give their input/bragging rights.

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