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Full Version: Sony Bravia TV Driver
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Has anyone got a driver for Sony Bravia TV's?

I took possession of a 2017 Bravia today and they have an RS232 port still (3.5mm socket) and simple and advanced IP control protocol.

I dont want to go down the path of starting to look into a driver if someone already has something.

I'm not aware of one. Is the protocol documented?
Yes. I have a copy and its working as indicated so far.

its the Sony Simple IP Control Protocol for BRAVIA V0.6 dated 26/8/14 so it has a few years under its belt and is working with my 2017 model.

The best part is that its powering on vi IP command - something that is hard to find in TV's now
If you are going to do one, you should make it V2 compatible. I guess it could support Power, Audio, and Switcher classes maybe?
Sorcery. Can you send me the document? If it has Display Adjustments, this would be great. I am tired of tracking down the Sony remote to change from my 'custom' setting to 'vivid' when the sun is shining. I made a custom sequence on the Harmony, but it gets out of sync because you (or your wife) doesn't always know what setting it's on.

I have an X900E for reference.
doc attached
Damn, no direct control of the picture modes. Thanks for posting that.
I'm starting to look at the driver for this. I am trying to make it a V2 driver but have a question on field names.

There is a command to send IR commands. Checking the device classes there is no IR commands

What do I do for this - create a new class say IR#Command or do i split them apart and put the IR commands that are say for media transport into separate field. This would still lave a lot of commands that don't fit in any defined class.

Same with Video Mute - I have used TV#VideoMute or should it be say VID#Mute which corresponds to AUD#MUTE
IR isn't something covered by V2, so you would just use V1 fields for that. No # characters or prefixes in those. Video mute is the same. Anything not covered by V2 is V1 stuff. You can't use any other types of prefixes or anything. Be sure to use the V2 validation tool when the driver is running (fields are created) so that you can be sure you don't have any invalid fields or missing fields and such. It's all or nothing with V2. If you cannot support a given device class completely, don't support it at all. V2 isn't useful if you can't depend on any device claiming to support class X to really fully support class X.
It's all or nothing with V2.

OK - so it wont be a V2 driver. I'll just do it as per normal then.

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