Getting Started

CQC is a software based automation system for home automation or commercial automation, based on the Windows operating system - version 7 and above. It is composed of a number of cooperating programs, some of which run in the background and provide continuous monitoring of devices and user interactions. Others are administrative tools used to configure CQC and create customized content. Some are for the end user of the final custom solution created.

You can install CQC on multiple computers in your network. One of them (the first one installed) must be the Master Server. This must be available at all times because it acts as the central coordinator for all other CQC enabled devices.

Download the Installer

You can download the CQC installer here. This is a self-extracting installer, so it is an executable. Windows and/or your browser will likely warn you about the download and when you run it because of that.

Trial Mode

When you first install it, you will be in Trial mode, which will be good for 40 days. If you decide to purchase, you can either remove this version and start over or you can just license this system you already have installed.

Also, if you decide to purchase, the Master Server is the only machine that must be licensed. All other CQC enabled devices will implicitly be licensed by being part of that same CQC network.


If you are upgrading, just download the installer above, and run it. It will upgrade your system. It will offer to do a backup of your system for you, so let it do so, always! This insures you can get back to where you are now in a worst case scenario.

See the bottom of any of the pages of this web site for a link to the upgrade guide and the release notes. Read through that before you upgrade to make sure you understand any important changes that might affect your system.

System Tiers

CQC is a scalable product, both in terms of its ability to be spread around your network and also in terms of the numbers of touch screen clients and device drivers (the means by which CQC controls your devices) you can load. So CQC is available as a set of layered tiers, each of which has more capacity.

When you first install CQC your system will be at the Gold tier. This tier has all available functionality, so you will not be constrained in your evaluation of CQC, other than to the limit of clients and drivers that the Gold tier supports. If you decide to purchase a lesser tier than Gold, just be aware that your driver/client capacities will go down, and some of the components will not be available.

Using Resources

The easiest way to get started with CQC is to treat the available resources as a set of layers. There are a set of videos which represent the higest level help content. These will help you get CQC installed and get you started learning the tools and configuring CQC for your use.

Once you have CQC installed, extensive documentation is available to you from within the administrative program. This documentation is separated into high level, big picture content, and detailed reference material.

So start working through the videos. Once you have CQC installed, you can dig deeper into each video based topic by reading the related written documentation. Once you get into serious implementation, use the reference material to understand the details and options available.


If you are completely new to home automation, you may wish to view this introductory video, which will give you a basic overview of what an automation system does and why that might be useful to you.

Here are links to some video playlists on Youtube, which will help you get started.

  • Tutorials. These are where you should start. These videos will help you get CQC installed and take you incrementally through the capabilities of CQC, demonstrating by the end the creation of a fairly representative system.
  • Spot Topics. This is a list of 'spot topic' videos, which just concentrate on specific details, to give you a bit more information, though not as in-depth as the written document usually. After each step in the tutorials you may want to check here for videos that get into the same topics in more detail.
  • All Videos. This is just a full list of all of the available videos.