Welcome to Charmed Quark

This web site is based on Microsoft's Silverlight Technology, which allows us to provide you with a very rich, interactive interface to learn about our software products.

Silverlight requires that you install a small supporting library on your computer. It is not obtrusive, doesn't take up any resources when not being used, and you will likely see more sites that use it in future.

You can download Microsoft's Silverlight package using the button below. If you don't trust us sufficiently to use this link, then feel free to go to the Microsoft web site and download it directly from there. You can find information about Silverlight at:

Microsoft SilverLight

There will be a download link on that page for the latest version. Or you can just search for 'Silverlight Runtime' from the main Microsoft web site.

 Our CQC product is Windows based, but there is a version of Silverlight for the Mac and there is a variant called Moonlight for Unix/Linux platforms.

Silverlight for the Mac

Once you have installed Silverlight, you will not see this introductory screen again the next time you come back to this web site.

If Silverlight is not available for your platform, or you just don't want to install it for some reason, our old HTML based site is available here:

Old Charmed Quark Site

Get Microsoft Silverlight